January 2, 2018



....Well I haven't frozen to death yet......

Happy New Year!!!! I hope everyone is doing well. This week has been soooo cold. The temperature went from a nice 40 degrees to an aweful, bitter, humid, windy, 17 degrees over night. The Lord is definition testing me....the crazy thing is that somehow I still love it! I love this work so much! I am just constantly filled with love for others and love for my savior. It's amazing!!!!!
One thing that I have learned is that miracles happen every single day. They just aren't what I used to think they were. They are so simple but bring so much joy to my life. For example, our investigator Larry has started to bring his daughters to our lessons so that they can better understand why he is making these changes in his life. One of his daughters was pretty stand-offish to us. She definitely had her doubts but by the end of our lesson she was being very open with us and was even interested on our message. This is something that is so simple, and maybe doesn't really seem to have a big impact, but is definable the hand of the Lord working in my life.
Another example of the Lords hand in my life this week also comes from one of our investigators, Page. Page has a friend who is going through a really hard time. One night, right after we had left her house, this friend came over to vent. Page just happened to have her Book of Mormon on the counter and her friend got super excited. She had been looking for a copy of the Book of Mormon because she had heard about it and wanted to read it. So Paige opened it and read the introduction with her and invited her to our next lesson. At our next lesson we had just happened to plan to reteach the 1st lesson, The Restoration! The most amazing thing is that Paige was doing a lot of the teaching. She was baring her testimony and really helping this girl understand how te gospel can help her. Paige was being a missionary.It's amazing to me how the Lord works through other people. Paige does not know everything about the gospel. She struggles with a lot. She has a lot of questions and doesn't really want to keep the commandments. THAT DOESN'T MATTER. The Lord used her any way. Paige has an amazing testimony about the Book of Mormon and an amazing faith in God. Through those two simple things, and her willingness to share her thoughts, the Lord was able to use her to share his gospel.Anyone can me a missionary! We all have that one thing that we feel makes us inadequate to share his gospel or that holds us back but the truth of it is that we aren't the ones that are doing the converting or the changing. The Lord is. Through the spirit he will put into our minds thoughts of what we need to say. all we need is a faith in him that he will guide us in what to do. If this is something that you struggle with I invite you to work on it. You don't have to share everything about our gospel with someone but just be more open. Be a little more friendly and a little more talkative and you'll be amazed at how the Lord will use that effort to change someones day.

I love you all and hope you are all excited for this upcoming yearSister Rich


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