November 25, 2017



Mission: Get Out Of The Way

Hey everyone I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! Not to brag or anything but mine was a million times better! We started off the day with a devtional by Elder Bednar! SO COOL! Instead of giving us a talk we had a question and answer session. I have no idea what questions were asked but the theme seemed to revolve around The Book of Mormon and letting the spirit teach through you.Learning how to let the spirit teach instead of teaching what I think is best is really hard. It's something that we work on since day one at the MTC. Elder Bednar speaking at the MTC is so different that in General Conference. He is so real. One thing that he said about letting the spirit teach was, " Get out of the way". That's something I've been thinking about a lot this week. What do I need to do to get out of the way of the spirit trying to teach my investigator. Anyway I don't remember a lot more of what Elder Bednar said. He told us before he even started the devotional to not take note. He told us that some people get so focused on taking notes that they miss what the spirit is trying to tell them. He said that the things we will remember will be the things we need to here and that's all that's important. He is suck and amazing person. The spirit he brings into a room is so strong.For dinner we just had suck lunches but honestly, it was the best meal I've had the entire time I've been here. The food here gets old really fast and is never super good.Everyone ate dinne in their classrooms with their districts and it was so much fun. We just hung out and ate all the junk food that everyone has gotten in packages. We ended the day with a concert by the National Tribute Band. If you haven't heard of them before they are a country band that sings LDS music and they are amazing. If you like country music go check them out. They played one song that was sooo country. It was super upbeat. The entire MTC was standing up and clapping and singing a long it was so much fun. The next morning we got an email from the MTC Presidency telling us that it was not appropriate for us to be doing that and some of the bands songs were not mission appropriate....hahaha it was kind of funny. After the concert the MTC turned on its Christmas lights! All the trees are decorated and everyone just spent the next hour walking around and having fun. All in all Thanksgiving was great!
Okay now for the really cool part of my week!So at the MTC we get to teach "investigators". For the most part all of the investigators are members pretending to be investigators but a small fraction are actual investigators. And guess what! Sister Smoot and I got to teach a real investigator. Her name is Anna. the 1st two lessons were kind of ruff. The 1st lesson was mostly getting to know her and we shared a brief message about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Well right from the get go she was asking all of these questions which was great! We tried to answer them to the best of our ability but the entire time she was hung up on the questions," but how do you know?". So naturally we start teaching her about prayer and the Holy Ghost. At the end of the lesson we asked her if she would pray and ask Heavenly Father if what we were saying was true and she refused. I was kind of frusterated. She was asking us for answers and when we tell her what she needs to do to actually get those answers she refuses to do it....Well the next lesson we decided to take a different approach and teach her about The Book of Mormon. Our thoughts were that if she would read the Book of Mormon she would be able to learn for herself from that. She was a lot more willing to read the Book of Mormon than pray. But still we didn't feel like we were teaching what she needed to hear so at the end of that lesson Sister Smoot just straight up asked her what she wanted us to teach her and she wanted to know more about prayer. She told us that in the past she had a bad experience with prayer and she didn't understand why God would do that to her.Before that lesson both me and my companion prayed a lot for Anna. We prayed together, we prayed alone, we were just continually praying that we would know what to tell her and what she needed to hear and then we go to plan and nothing....I had no idea what to teach her but both Sister Smoot and I felt like she needed to hear about prayer so we found a couple of scriptures and went and taught her with basicly no lesson plan. But holey cow! it was an amazing lesson. I honeslty have no idea what either of us said but the spirit was so strong. She began to understand why Heavenly Father would give her the trial he did and the importance if continual prayer. She even agreed to pray everyday and she said a prayer with us. It was the most sincere prayer I have ever heard. She just asked to know if Heavenly Father new who she was and if what we were saying was true. It was so cool. The sad thing is that we get a new investigator every week so we won't be able to follow up with her and see how she's doing.....
Yeah so this week was soooo good. I have learned so much. I am far from being a good teacher but I'm learning more everyday and coming closer to my Heavenly Father everyday. I love you all and hope you're all doing well. I loved all of the letters I got this week and all of the packages I was sent. I am so spoiled to have such and amazing support system. My district is so jealous.I love you all,Sister Rich
P.S The worst part is about the mission is that I can't cuddle anyone. I have been feeling very depressed about that this week.


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