December 11, 2017



Foreign Country

So I for sure get the award for craziest week ever!!!!!! Haha If I didn't know better I would have thought Maryland was a foreign country!!!!! The 1st house I went into had fleas, the first dinner I was fed was chicken hearts and guess what! I am now a language missionary. Apparently there are a lot of deaf people in Maryland and not a lot of ASL (american sign language) missionaries and so when they found out I took ASL in high school they made me and ASL missionary! I am so excited! The 1st deaf person I talked to signed SUPER fast and neither my companion or I couldn't understand anything he said but I love it! It's so much fun to learn and to be put out of my comfort zone!!!My companion is amazing! her name is Sister Nielsen and she is full with the spirit. Funny story, my second day in the field Sister Nielsen gets pulled over because she forgot to turn her lights on. Luckily the cop didn't give her a ticket and to thank him she shared the Light the World Initiative the church has out right now. The cop was very nice and even committed to do small acts of service everyday leading up to Christmas. It was great.The area I am in is called Frederick and its pretty great. Everyone I have met so far has been super nice. I've only met two out of four investigators so far. Jonathan and Paige.Jonathan is a 10 year old little boy and he loves the Book of Mormon. Jonathas parents aren't member but his aunt is. He lives with is aunt on the weekends and goes to church with her and Jonathan wants to be baptised. We met with him on Saturday and taught him the plan of salvation and set a baptismal date with him. He loves when the missionaries come over gets so excited about learning more about the gospel. He was so excited when we asked him what day he wants to be baptised. Paige is an interesting lady. She has some weird views on life but that's okay. She loves God! She has had a really hard life in the past and found the missionaries because she decided to start a 40 day journey to find God. She is kind of church hopping right now to figure out what she believes. What she does know is that she owes everything to God. Her faith in him is amazing!
That's about it. I hope you all had an amazing week!I love all of you!Sister Rich


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