November 18, 2017



Mission: Make it to Sunday

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well.These past couple of days have been crazy. Wednesday and Thursday were really hard. Thursday night I got to meet my branch presidancy and they are amazing! They and their wives just radiate the spirit. After that meeting I felt so much better.My district is so much fun. We have elders that box SUPER well. We just sit and watch them freestyle and it's amazing. Every once in a wile one of the Elders will start rapping one of the hymns. I'ts so much fun.My companion is amazing. Her name is Siter Smoot and I love her. She actually messaged me a couple of weeks before wednesday to say hi because she heard I was going to her same mission. We haven't found anyone else that is going to our mission though. Sister Smoot was also asked to give a prayer in our tuesday devotional and they are having a general authority come. The cool thing is that because I'm her companion I get to sit on the stand and probably meet the general authority too. They haven't told us who it is but it should be cool.On wednesday night we got to teach an investigator in a big group which was really cool. We got to see how important it is to focus on the investigator and their needs instead of what we think they need. On Monday Sister Smoot and I are teaching our 1st "real" investigator. I don't really know what to think about that but im excited.Anyway I's only day three so I dont have much to say.
Love you allSister Rich
P.S Sorry for all the typos. My computer is weird and won't let me go back and fix it.


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