February 13, 2019


Edmonton, Alberta


Sister Herzog

Last week in Edmonton

Hey Everyone!

Canada has finally unleashed the beast! These have been the coldest weeks of my life. I hope it doesn’t stay this way. We have had weeks in the -40's. Just so you know, Celsius and Fahrenheit cross over at -40.... so it really is THAT bad. I am dying. I constantly feel like I'm in the middle of one of the documentaries about the Arctic Tundra! I have to count my blessings though, I'm lucky to have been serving in the center of the city this winter! With public transport, the trains, subways, buses and all the underground pedways we are able to get to wherever we need to go!
During our coldest and darkest days, I often draw comfort from the common scriptural phrase. A phrase we see so often, that it's easy to overlook.
"And it came to pass....."
This simple phrase is seen countless times within scriptures, it often introduces transitions in storylines and changes in perspectives. As we go through life, we can draw strength from this underrated concept.
The hard times Will Pass.....

Elder Holland says it best, " The most difficult tasks, the most painful problems eventually yield. “This is my work and my glory to bring (things) to pass..." Persist! A new day will dawn. The morning star always rises. "

Our loving Heavenly Father, will see us through life's most trying circumstances. I know this from personal experience, whether it be Canada's bitter winter, or something deeper and more soul shaking; as we turn our hearts, might, mind and strength over to the Lord, we will succeed! He has seen me through my darkest days and longest nights. He will do the same for you, as you let Him.

While serving my mission, the greatest most poignant lesson I've learned, is that our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS there for us no matter what. It doesn't matter how far we feel we've strayed from God's light.
God loves us! He knows we are each priceless and He is forever reaching out to us. We just have to do our part to connect with His already extended hand.

So please, if you feel a disconnect with God, then do something about it! Pray a little more earnestly, read scriptures with a more opened heart, become more invested in church and in your families. These things may seem mundane to some, but I've witnessed miracle after miracle when one exercises faith and puts it into action.

I pray that you will each be able to more readily recognize His hand in your everyday lives. I's already there.
I love you all!
Sister Ballas

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