August 29, 2018


Edmonton, Alberta


Sister Bowie

First Transfer Complete

Dear Family and Friends,

Canada is remarkably beautiful! A bunch of fellow missionaries and I got to spend the day hiking the trails of Jasper National Park here in Alberta! The views were breathtaking! We had such a fun day! I know that Heavenly Father made this world beautiful so that we, his children, could enjoy it! I took a few pictures, but you can probably see better ones if you look it up online.
My fabulous Trainer, Sister Bowie, and I have been so busy teaching people! It is amazing to see how many people are searching for truth! It’s like they are starving for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
One of the people we are teaching is a 23 year old woman named Jordin. She has had a horrible life filled with problems and she made it 100% worse with a series of bad choices! When we met her, I couldn’t help but to think her life was a mess, but I also instantly knew that she needed to be taught that she is a daughter of God and that her worth is infinite!
As we have been teaching her I have witnessed her accept our invitations to pray, read scriptures, attend church and make changes. She gave up drinking, smoking weed, and a bad job! One of my favorite experiences we had with her is when we taught her that God has a body. We were created in His image after all! She was amazed and told us that she has never heard of this. We told her that she needs to pray and ask God for herself!
She was sooo excited the next time we saw her! She told us that she gotten down on her knees and prayed! She asked God if it was true that he has a body. She said that she knows it is true because during her prayer she felt a peace come over her as a crystal clear image came into her head! Our Heavenly Father has a body, and we were created in his image!
Every time we meet with Jordin the light in her eyes gets brighter and brighter! I love her so much! She has been coming to church with us every week and she always sits right next to me. She asks me lots and lots of questions during church. I try to answer them as quietly as I can but I have to say I have never been so irreverent in church as I have as a missionary! Last Sunday, after asking about dozen questions during the service, she leaned over to me and asked, “Sister Ballas, can I be baptized into this church even though I was baptized as a baby in another church?” I told her that she absolutely could! She got so excited and declared she wanted to be baptized! She is so happy and excited....and so am I!
Sister Bowie and I had 11 investigators with us at church last Sunday! Inviting people to attend church is so simple, anyone can do it! Please consider inviting the people in your lives to church. You will be surprised with how receptive people can be to these invites!
I know that God will bless each of us as we help his children to find him.

Tomorrow marks the end of my first transfer here in Canada. Sister Bowie and I were surprised and saddened when she got a call that she was going to be transferred to another city. Most missionaries in training (Trainees)get to be with their Trainer for at least two transfers. I am only half way done with the training program! I expressed to her that I wished that she could remain as my trainer but I promised I would work hard to learn from my second Trainer. Sister Bowie assured me that she was sure that my new Trainer would be great. I will really miss her! Sister Bowie was the perfect Trainer for me!

I cannot adequately express the shock that came over me when we received a second call. It was from our Mission President and he asked for me. He told me that he was making me a Senior Companion and a Trainer! I eloquently responded, “.....WHAT?!?”
He laughed, I laughed and then we laughed together until it sunk in!

He told me that due to the fact that I am still a Trainee and will now be a Trainer, he had to create a new title for me.
He calls me the Traineree!

So, tomorrow I will travel to the Mission Home to pick up my new companion that is arriving straight from the Mission Training Center. I hope she doesn’t ask how long I have been serving. It might make her nervous. Please pray that I will be able to do a good job in this new role of Training a newer missionary! I want to help her feel excited about this wonderful work!

I love all of you, my family and friends! Always remember that The Lord loves you too. Each one of you are his beloved child and he watches over you!

Love, Sister Arwen Ballas

p.s. To write to me, you must use my direct missionary email address
I have trouble receiving them when you send them through this site.


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