July 12, 2018


Mission Training Center (MTC)


Sister Neff


Hello friends and family,

The Mission Training Center (MTC) is the greatest place on the entire planet! In the hallways I have the same feeling as I did while walking around the Temple as a Temple Worker this past Spring.
My District is an answer to my prayers! I feel extremely blessed to be serving with them. In my district we have 6 Sisters and 6 Elders. Of the twelve, I am the only missionary not from Utah. All of the Sisters and two of Elders are going to Canada. We all like talking about how excited we are for our sweet frozen experiences to come! The other four Elders are going to Bangalaro India! All 12 of us are speaking English so we have classes together. They are all so seriously fun and nice. We do everything together! Our teachers keep commenting on our sense of unity and willingness to learn. We talk openly about how we pray for each other.
My companion is Sister Neff, from Salt Lake City. She constantly bumps into people she grew up with. She is 6 feet tall, super funny and outgoing! She literally becomes friends with everyone that crosses her path and it’s inspiring to see!
I want to do my very best while serving this mission. While praying about this Issue last night, I asked The Lord for guidance on how I can be better. After my prayer I read my scriptures. My page immediately fell open to D&C 15. As I read this Section, it was as if The Lord were talking to me directly! This was a true testament that Heavenly Father heard me! It was AMAZING! Please go look it up so that you can see what I am referring to. Heavenly Father hears all of our prayers and he wants all of us to succeed!

Guess what?!? For the past 2 weeks, Sister Neff and I have been teaching a woman named Karissa. She is not a member of The Church, but her mom is. We taught her all about Jesus Christ, the Restoration of His Gospel, and the Plan of Salvation. I invited her to be baptized and she said Yes! She is going to be baptized on August 18th. I wish I could attend her baptism, but I will be in Canada. It was amazing to see how much faith she has while we taught her! Karissa is wonderful!
I can’t wait until I am actually in my Mission Field! I want to help everyone to learn about how much Heavenly Father knows and loves them! It’s sad to think that most people go through their entire life without realizing that. I am so very thankful to have The Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and I am excited about sharing it!!!
I love all of you! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them!

Love, Sister Ballas


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