March 11, 2019




Laura Di Lulio

Opposition in all things

Hey guys!!!! Ahahaha I don't even know what to write anymore, this place is SO weird. I've had the weirdest experiences and most of them aren't super good. I don't know if God just knew I had secret plans to stay on a mission in New York for the rest of my life so He is trying to show me it's ok to be excited to go home or what...but it's been a wild one.

Ok so some really good things still happened though! Aaron (the guy who came to church with his daughter before we even taught him) accepted to be baptized on April 27th!!!! He is pumped to be baptized and he got emotional when we told him he could baptize his daughter when she turns 8 in May. It was such a cool lesson and I love them.

We had a "Come and See" devotional last night where members could bring their friends and we could invite people we are teaching. As part of it a member who was baptized with her family a couple years ago, told her conversion story. She talked about how her mom was 14 when she had her and throughout her life she was homeless, abused, got into drugs and alcohol, and eventually felt so alone she didn't want to be on Earth anymore. 5 kids later in her life she was praying for her daughter to not make the same mistakes she did...and a minute later Elder's knocked on her door. It was a long process but she eventually grew to love the Book of Mormon and she started to understand that the Savior could help lift her and her family.

It was pretty powerful, but what really got me was when her two teenage daughters sang "Peace in Christ" right after. I was just pondering how different their lives would be without the Gospel and Church of Jesus Christ. It stopped a cycle of living in the world and feeling distant from God. Ughhh it's all just so amazing and I take everything I know for granted too much.

So opposition in all things I guess. A guy on the street told us he was Jesus and told us some interesting philosophies. Oh and one of the like 2 people we were teaching decided everything I do and say is offensive and railed on me but still comes to church so THAT has been a little awkward aha. I won't write more about it aha, but it's been interesting for sure.

This week I have been thinking about how little and incorrect our perception is. We see all these people around us and assume things about them. It's human nature to categorize people. But WOW have I learned that I am wrong so often. Whether it's thinking people have great lives and no weaknesses, or thinking that people are stuck up or this or that. We just literally never know what people are going through and who they are. I've been learning how vital it is to base how we feel about ourselves on what Heavenly Father and the Savior think of us. Because they really are the only One's who know.

Love you guys!

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