February 25, 2019




Laura Di Lulio

"You can feel good in the hood" -a milk truck

Hey guys! Excuse my subject line. I'm running out of ideas and sometimes when you are walking around trying to chase people down in the rain, things that aren't actually that funny seem just that.

Aha but anyway, this week was good! We had Mission Leadership Council (MLC) which is always a neat experience. I got a free piece of pizza while Sister Di Iulio taught the pizza shop owner the Restoration in Italian. Now he's our buddy and he said we can get free pizza when we stop by aha.

It's been so weird because we literally have 2 people to teach. But those two people are probably the most solid people I have met on the mission. They both came to church this Sunday :).

One is is the guy we met last week who came to church before we had even taught him anything! He came again and we got to teach him and his daughter the Restoration. His daughter was super loud the whole time, except when we told them Joseph Smith's experience in the Sacred Grove. She got really quiet while I recited the Joseph's own words, the "I saw a pillar of light..." after, her eyes got really big and she said in perfect sincerity, "God is real!!!!!!". Her dad said he sort of took it as a sign that what we taught them was true. It was such a sweet experience :).

The other is a younger guy who has had a lot of health probelms through out his life, mostly with his heart. He is the most humble person I have met and taught. He is going through a ton right now, but he has been turning to our Savior to help him through it. We had a very powerful experience teaching him the Restoration as well, and after he was able to receive a Priesthood blessing from the branch President. I can't even write about it. I know that the Priesthood authority is real and that God is VERY aware of every single one of His children. Those principles have been taught to me over and over again, especially as I have been able to serve as a missionary.

It's interesting the contrast between those who are humble enough to listen, and those who take what could bring them more hope and joy than they know, and turn it into something sad. A cute young family let us come back after we had given them the Book of Mormon and invited them to read from it, and instead of praying about it and allowing the Spirit to testify, they used the internet and had a full page of notes they had problems with about the Book of Mormon. I've had a few experiences with people like this, but I guess if anything it just deepens my appreciation for Spiritual knowledge. I was just reading in Alma 44 which shows the difference between captain Moroni and his powerful testimony, and Zerahemnah. He says, "Behold, we are not of our faith; we do not believe that it is God that has delivered us into your hands; but we believe that it is your cunning that has preserved you from our swords. Behold, it is your breastplates and your shields that have preserved you." Logic and evidence is good unless it replaces a Spiritual witness of truth.

Just some things I've been thinking about.

Love you all, enjoy your week!

1. When my former companion Sister White had to give a training to all the zone leaders and Sister training leaders + their companions at MLC lol
2. I have no words for this one.
3. Noodle + Corndog reunited one last time


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