February 19, 2019




Laura Di Lulio

"An Hole in the Ice"

Hey guys!!!! Today is our pday since yesterday we had zone conference. It was a sweet experience yesterday since it was the last zone conference for me. My former companion and I are the sister training leaders in our zone so even though we are in different areas now. But we were able to use technology to plan our training together and it went well so that's a relief :). President Vest is very very inspired and gave a beautiful training on the doctrine of repentance. I'm so grateful that we can use the Savior's Atonement as much as we need! President talked about how repentance is about progress, not perfection. I loved that because I think sometimes we fall into the trap of believing that if we make the same mistakes a few times, there is no hope for us. False!!!! It's an infinite Atonement, and I'm so grateful the Savior made it possible, and that Heavenly Father created such a merciful plan.

At missonaries' last zone conference, we do something called "departing testimonies". Ughhhh it was terrible having to go up and try to bear testimony while I just think about the last 17 months. But I love being able to bear simple testimony and feel the Holy Ghost confirm to myself that what I am saying is true.

This week I was looking at my hands aha. I have scratches from this ladies cat that kept attacking me, dry patches that no amount of lotion can fix from the weather, and my knuckles are messed up from knocking on doors. There are such special experiences tied to each of those things though. For example, the owner of the cat is a woman named Lisa who has a brain tumor among other health conditions. She's angry at God for the situation, and I don't think she'll be ready to accept the Gospel for a while, but she is reading the Book of Mormon and we got to teach her parts of the Plan of Salvation. It was well worth the cat scratches :).

Heavenly Father has been placing people in our path to teach truth to. It's still a slow process, and the work is still refining aha, but I love when I can see God's hand. A guy we street contacted said he wanted to come to church and he came with his daughter that week! We hadn't even taught him anything yet really! And now we get to go teach him this week.

Ahh I don't even know, I just love the plan of salvation and the truths that we all have. I am not grateful enough to my Heavenly Father for the incredible simple truth we know. I talk to so many people in a day who just have no clue who they are, or what the purpose of life is!!! Because I know that there is a God and that He loves me, it makes walking in the cold on a lonely road in upstate New York in the moonlight after knocking on doors, a tender mercy for the day.

Love you!

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