February 11, 2019




Laura Di Lulio

Fat Bunny

Hey guys! I've entered this weird state of being in which all the missionaries around me consider me a goner, and everytime someone asks how long I've been on a mission I almost lie so I don't have to hear "woah you're almost done".
And my companion has started a countdown called "40 days in the wilderness". Worst.

My subject line comes from something I hear quite often from my companion. I wish you could all hear it in her accent ahaha, I might be offended if I could stop cracking up at how she says it. She calls me a fat bunny because I try to eat healthy (including you guessed it..carrots) but I frequently fail because as she teases me for trying to eat healthy, she whips up something like "salamadolche" (basically coconut biscuit fudge) and gives me some. Vigorously running in place in the mornings has become preparation for whatever she tempts me with that day aha.

Oneida NY and I have a complicated relationship still. The people are pretty rough around the edges and the streets are nasty. I'm to the point where as we walk around street contacting I just start randomly laughing out loud because of how gloomy everything looks. Our area is split up so that the Elder's have most of the population and city, so we have this random sliver of Oneida and then country roads and small towns. We know people as we walk through town now, so it's kind of fun. Sister Di Iulio speaks with all the Italian pizza shop owners and we make friends with the people we probably should be afraid of, so I'm soaking it all in aha.

Teaching appointments are still few and far between so it's been interesting finding effective things to do. We talk with everyone but it's hard to turn that into people to teach lately. But there are always tender mercies. One day our branch President's wife decided to come teaching with us so we were just going to tract with her. But the night before she came with us, we met a guy who had talked to previous missionaries a while ago but it never worked out to meet back up. So we got to talk with him about the Book of Mormon and on a whim I asked if by chance he would be home the next morning for us to come teach him more. It worked out perfectly (I love it when whims are actually the Spirit aha) and we were able to go inside since we had a female member with us. He was so humble because of some health issues he has battled his whole life, and even though he was raised in the Jewish faith, he recently decided that he believes in Jesus Christ as his Savior. He loved the Book of Mormon and we had a powerful discussion with him as we based our message off of his needs.

So there are things that make the days worth it, and there are always things that teach me about the incredible timing and beauty of Heavenly Father's plan for each of His children. If there is one thing I have learned as a missionary it is this: God is in the details of our lives.

I love you all!

1. Stake conference in my old stomping grounds (Utica)
2. the boonies.
3. Fact: it gets rough trying to tell people who we are because our faces start to freeze and I can't move my mouth.
4. Ciao!
5. If I start appreciating it will it stop¿?


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