January 28, 2019




Laura Di Lulio

Fugitives Oneida Style

Hey guys. It's been an interesting week aha.

So to summarize, we've had the cops called on us twice, a man cuss us out on the streets, pretty much our only progressing people they were teaching dropped us, I wore pants, we had surprise exchanges with the Delhi sisters, got hugged by a drunk man, my companion made real noodles Italia style, and we basically have restarted our teaching pool.

Oneida. It gets it's name from a Native American tribe and there are a lot of people with that heritage still in the area. One of the times with the cops was because we accidentally tracted in a neighborhood for them. I was wondering why the street names were all unusual aha. We live on the main rd in Oneida and it's an interesting city... there is a certain street where we pretty much every day are warned not to go because of the illegal activity. The ironic thing is it is literally across the street from the police station. Do we still go there? For the sake of my mom reading we don't... ;).

For exchanges I have to basically plan two flawless days for the other sisters to work with us. We all thought they would go to New Hartford buuut they came here instead. Which is great except I can barely plan one day at this point here aha. Sooo that was super stressful but the Lord provided and it was fine. Except when an angry Spanish man yelled at them about us believing in "John Smith". Ahh Oneida.

As for the guy who chased us out swearing every other would have been terrifying except as he was falsely accusing us, running around to tell people, and threatening to call the Italian companion just smiled at him and took all the blows. I was a little worried about her cause the guy was really rude, but she didn't understand like any of it ahaha so it was fine. "Psh. American people." -Sister Di Iulio

Missionary work cracks me up because it's impossible to label a week as "good" or "bad". All that crazy stuff happened and it's been a struggle to not have appointments. But we've also had one of the most productive weeks of my mission experience at the same time. We got to teach a family the Restoration, I got to meet the tiny Oneida branch, and we talked to tooons of people. And I got to teach multiple people how to pray. Which is my favorite thing to do.

I think the biggest thing I have learned this week is endurance aha. Usually I have lots to talk about for this and the Gospel fire is lit and I could talk about it for hours. But to be real sometimes in life we are asked to endure and endure it well. I still absolutley love being a missionary. I am learning a ton. I just think the past little bit I've been practicing the application of the principles I've learned which is just as important. :)

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that His Atonement was made to not only help us to make it back to God someday, but also to help us enjoy this life. Happiness in life most often consists of what goes on inside your head and heart. Which is the only thing we can really control anyway. I'm grateful for the Gospel which shows me how to do it.
Love you all!

1. Oneida
2. Authentic Italia noodles!¡!¡!¡!
3. Classic.
4. NY (I'm pretty sure those are mountains to these people)
5. Caught on camera: Sister in pants


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