January 14, 2019


New Hartford


Samantha Downs


Heeeeey guys!!! So yeah it's freezing here. Not sure why I thought the weird good weather we had would last. Good thing I decided I like New York when it was green and I'm just coasting on that impression for these next few months aha.

We had exchanges with the Lowville sisters which means I got to be with Sister Boulton (former companion) again!!!! It was kind of weird being in another area with her but we somehow always end up running at 9pm to get home on time. Trying to street contact people inbetween sprinting ends up with two already weird people having to take huge breaths every other word. Good thing the Gospel is true.

As a missionary I live for two things. 1. Meeting with people who are prepared for the Gospel and 2. talking to hilarious people on the streets. I've recently decided I'm obsessed with Utica because of the diversity of the people there (and the wall art+food). We have some interesting conversations. Sometimes Sister Downs and I look at a door and say "Hm wonder what my mom would do if she saw us knocking on this door". But then we knock on it regardless of the speculation aha.

We've been really blessed lately with finding new people to teach. And the benifit of the freezing cold is the sky is clear at night so we can see the stars. It's actually been kind of a rough week, but there are always things to be grateful for.

I've been thinking about the principle of accoutablility lately. As missionaries we say an "accounting prayer" at the end of each day where we check in with Heavenly Father and reflect on the day we've just had. I used to think of accountablility as a "here's everything I did wrong, sorry" sort of thing. But as I've been pondering it I've realized it's more we are following the "return and report" principle and going back to the very Being who knows everything for perspective and help. Sometimes as humans we try to carry things on our own even though we have a very limited view of things. Balance comes through real prayer to our Heavenly Father for help and direction.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

1. found a super hippie health food place where we can pretend we belong
2. when we got someone's mail and that someone's name is "Wasnard".
3. companion selfie
4. check us out on google maps when you search "New Hartford public library"
5. Sister Boultoooon
6. Utica


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