December 3, 2018


New Hartford


Sierra Boulton

Qualè il tuo problema mentale?!

Hey guys!!! This week has been a stellar one. I just love all this.

So to explain my subject line, we had exchanges with the Oneida sisters and I got to spend 24 hrs with Sister Di Iulio who is 36 years old and from Italy. This is only her 3rd transfer but she did tons of missionary work back home and knows WAY more than I do aha, and she is learning English out here but is still fearless talking to people in the streets. She was CRACKING me up half the time. And the other half of the time I could not understand what she was saying lol. Good stuff.

Anyway, so we had a great time and got to talk to lots of people and share Light the World. At one point we were tracting in the dark, and as we were walking onto their property to go knock, we walked into some string that was surrounding the property and couldn't see. My first thought was that it was electric and I was going to be electrocuted (I am aware now that it wouldn't have taken 10 seconds to get me but lets move on), and Sister Di Iulio was stuck longer and I heard her in a thick Italian accent say, "What is their mental problem??!" I was dying. I had her write down how to say it in Italian for me in my journal so I wouldn't forget. I love missionary work and Sister Di Iulio.

Our December 1st Day of Service was awesome!! The ward got together and put together cookies and notes they had made, and then we all split up and the missionaries in our unit each took members with us to drop off cookie plates to less active members and people we are teaching!!! It was so fun and it was awesome to see the impact it had on everyone involved. Plus the memebers are so important in helping the people we teach progress.

You know those times when you are absolutely not supposed to laugh but then you look at someone else who is not supposed to laugh and you loose it? Sometimes testimony meetings get a little interesting with the people we bring there. And then in gospel principles sometimes someone takes over and starts preaching and calling someone out and the poor Elders are up there just trying to figure out how to tie it all in to the Millenium. But also the mom of the 2 darling girls we get to teach (part member family) got up and bore her testimony for the first time since coming back to church. And it was just beautiful :).

So yeah it's been an exciting one, but there have been lots of tender mercies (like getting to watch the Christmas devotional with Sally and seeing how calm it helped her be and how much she enjoyed the Spirit of it) and particularly some very powerful lessons where Sister Boulton and I were able to go by the Spirit more to help the people we were able to teach. Which is good, because there is really no other way to teach that works.

I have been thinking about Joseph Smith and the Restoration lately, and I just have so much gratitude for it all. I absolutley know that he was a Prophet of God. And that the Book of Mormon is true scripture from a loving Father in Heaven who know we would need the warnings, testimonies, experiences, and Spirit of those who were called to write it.

I love you guys.

1-2. the scenes of New York.
3. me ruining the scenes of New York.
4-5 LIGHT THE WOOOORRLLDD day of service!
6. Sister Di Iulio!¡!


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