November 12, 2018


New Hartford


Sierra Boulton

"Can't Touch This" - Nephi

Hey guys! This week has been pretty interesting. Some happenings:

I got to call 911 for the first time. Ahhh sketchy Utica.

We helped fill up a truck of hay to feed the zebras at the zoo. Really high truck + heavy hay bails = really sore sister missionaries. We basically just became ninjas and used knee/arm combination to hoist it up. Good times.

We got a really cool referral who has dreds and was a juggler for a circus.

Had a super long MLC. But it was cool because some former mission president's who train at the MTC came and trained us! Nothing like realizing you don't know anything about being a missionary when you've been out about 14 months aha. ;) Just kidding it was awesome and I learned a lot.

Rob went to do baptisms at the Temple for the first time!!!!! Ahh he was so excited. And the senior couple who took him called us and told us about how the Temple President got talking with Rob and ended up setting him up with a single sister working in the Temple ahaha. Classic Rob. He also passed the Sacrament for the first time and gave an awesome talk in church!

My favorite person Sally came to church! We've been teaching her for awhile and she loves children, so we took her to watch the Primary and requested they sing "I Am a Child of God". It was so special. I know a lot of my testimony started from Primary and I love hearing those children sing what they know.

The tights strike ended, however we stupidly didn't wear our real coats one night that turned out to be a mini blizzard aha. Freezing winds, snow, and an hour of knocking doors. :) Then someone got mad at me for trying to talk to him about God because, "I'm drinking beer I don't want to talk about God". And the summer time made me weak so I cried for .2 seconds walking away before I remembered I'm fine and people yelled at me all the time in Hoosick Falls and I survived ahaha. But it's all good because there has to be opposition!!!

Sister Boulton and I gave people in the scriptures theme songs. Ex: Nephi's is "Can't Touch This" (when his brothers will wither as a reed), Samuel the Lamanite's is "Titanium", and Enos' is "Living On a Prayer".

So! It's been a good week :). Transfers are in a couple days and I have no idea if I'm staying or going but I'll be happy either way because being a missionary is the greatest. Most of the time aha. (I struggle with the cold but it's ok I just think of the pioneers).

This week I am very grateful for testimonies. I love that I get to tell people the things that I know are true everyday. Even when we're running on the track on pday there are opportunities to talk with people about what we believe. Being on a misson has taught me to look around and see people as children of God with stories and real problems and hopes. It's amazing what happens when we stop and give someone a chance to talk. It has meant so much to me to see how Rob (now Brother Thrasher) talks to everyone and how as a result he found missionaries and bears his testimony of something almost everytime he talks! I am just so blessed. And I know that Jesus Christ lives and that there is an Atonement that covers and heals all, but is also available for everyday use.

Have a good week, I love you all!


1. Our friend Pat from Thailand and I :)
2. Utica
3. My pal Sister Boulton
4. Coming in at night after a long day (everyday aha)
5. the Utica unit!
6. MLC (all of Brother Thrasher's missionaries :) )


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