November 5, 2018


New Hartford


Sierra Boulton

"I'm gonna make you eat butter"

Hey guys! This week it rained. A lot. But it's not the white stuff so I'll take it.

So there's this crazy older lady named Midge from an elderly place we volunteer at who we love. One day she wheeled herself over to us, points to Sister Boulton and goes, "I'm gonna make you eat butter." Then proceeds to put her leg up on Sister Boulton. Also according to Midge my father was standing behind me (it was a mirror¿?). Welcome to NY Brennan.

As you all know this past week was Halloween, which was super weird for me, just because it hit me that I have actually been out longer than a year. It was fun to reflect on how much I have learned and changed since then. Plus since we couldn't knock doors, we got to to visit an older woman in the ward and we had a very powerful lesson on the Book of Mormon. I just really love that Book and I absolutley know that it is true.

We had exchange with the Rome sisters, Sister Boulton got really sick but still talks to everyone and refuses to go in even though she's about to loose her dinner aha, annnnd I still hit random times of just being super awkward and not being able to talk right on door steps. Aha so things are pretty normal over here in New Hartford.

Sister Boulton and I have been striving to follow the promptings of the Spirit more, and the results have been SO COOL. Our thoughts have been in sync and we have met some pretty great people because of it. I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and the feelings I get on a regular basis as I try to be worthy of them and follow promptings.

Hope you have a great week! And if you haven't said an out loud prayer in awhile, give it a try :).

1. Favorite pizza place (a worker gave us free cannoli because I told the guy in the back who was joking around singing super loud that I liked the singing aha.)
2. Service at the library. I had to teach Sister Boulton the word of wisdom lesson because she had green t ....
3. Classic. (The wind was really strong and cold)


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