October 29, 2018


New Hartford


Sierra Boulton

The Tights Strike

Hey guys!!! This week has been sooo good. There were just all kinds of really neat tender mercies.

So Sister Boulton and I have both survivied one winter here in upstate NY and we're pretty sure we're going to need therapy trying to survive another one. We decided one of the worst parts is having to wear tights all the time so awhile ago we started the tights strike. We have to wait until Halloween to wear them aha. But we've almost made it!!! At this point my legs have gone numb so maybe I'll just never wear tights again. -20 is basically 40 riiight??

I'm just so content lately :). There are always opportunities for growth and things are always changing, but I just feel so grateful that I get to serve as a missionary here.

Aha annnd then you get held up by the police because you were knocking on doors at 7pm. And even though you didn't do anything wrong and you don't even need a permit to proselyte, he asks you tons of questions about your information to the point that it was creepy. Aha later we found out we were questioned so much because 2 girls had ran away from a home for troubled kids and they were making sure we weren't them. Good times.

One day we randomly went to lunch somewhere (which we rarely do) and a guy said, "Hi Sisters!" Aha which is nooot normal for around here. So we started talking and turns out he is a member but hasn't been active for awhile. Plus he knows two of my friends from back home! So that was super cool and as we talked we invited him to pray again and he said it's been awhile but he just might :). I just really love those moments when I know God's hand was in my life and the lives of those around us. Especially with the little things.

Remember awhile ago how we met a foreign exchange student while playing soccer? Well we miraculously tracted into her!!! And we were able to teach her! She has no Christian background which is new for me since most people we teach do. It was really cool and definitely one of those times I knew God has a hand in everything!

So yeah it's been a pretty amazing week! I looove New Hartford/Utica, Rob is doing great, and I am happy! I've been studying more in depth about prayer than I have before, and it has brought me to ponder the nature of the relationship Heavenly Father has with each of His children. Seriously, it baffles me how many details He can somehow be in while still allowing us our agency. Something to ponder about :). Love you all!

1. Exchange with Sister Fairbanks in Oneida, NY!
2.Leaving a lesson with a family who has a crazy 5 yr old ahaha.
3. My little gnome companion.
4. My favorite neighbor kids (on our walk back from buying them hot chocolate) who are the best dancers I know aha


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