October 22, 2018


New Hartford


Sierra Boulton

Goes to an apple orchard, leaves with 2 donuts

Hey guys!!!!! I don't like how fast the time is going now. So this week Rob and Ron both received the Aaronic Priesthood!!!! Ron is someone who previous sisters helped be baptized and he CRACKS me up. He has lots of end of the world theories and my quote book is basically just Ron now. Aha I love these people. But mostly I love that we live on Earth at a time where we have access to the incomprehensible blessings of God's Priesthood power. It was so neat to watch them be ordained.

We had exchange with the Delhi sisters and I got to go there with Sister Hamblin. I loved it because it took me back to my small town in the middle of the foothills days from Hoosick Falls. Delhi is beautiful and it's nice to switch up the scenery for 24 hrs and get to work with other sisters in the zone.

Today I got to check off a NY bucket list item which is picking apples in an orchard! Woot woot it was so cool! We went way to the back and met this guy who is an 82 yr old professional apple picker! Then we drove to a random gift shop a few miles away and talked to the lady in there about the Gospel :). So it has been a great day!

This week we also had some neat experiences with being right where we needed to be to meet specific people. I know that God uses us as tools in His hands, and as the hammer I can't usually see what's going on big pictures wise. So I love the moments I can see it all come together. I am just really loving being a missionary.

I know that Heavenly Father wants the best for each of His children. But I am also learning that it's a long term game. Some of His children do not grow up in ideal homes or situations, in fact a lot of them are opposite of ideal. Yet He has an eternal plan for each of them. Isn't that a beautiful thought?

Anyway I love you all and hope you have a great week!

1. Windy Hill apple orchard!!!
2. Professional
3. The "pumped to cover these in chocolate" pose
4. *leaves with 2 donuts
5. It's getting colder and I can't handle it
6. Exchange (service at the animal shelter) I got to walk a dog named Chubby. Still laughing about it.


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