September 24, 2018


New Hartford


Sierra Boulton

Lookin' Like a Snowmobile

Hey guys!!! This week has flown, but it's been a good one :)

We were snuck out of the library (we do service there) by the staff cause of a homeless guy aha. Long story. Let's just say since we share the gospel with everyone, sometimes they aren't interested in the gospel so much as my companions blue eyes lol.

I come up with new adjectives to describe myself each day. One day I tried to say I looked like an abominable snowman except snowmobile came out instead. Yep so there's my subject line for ya.

The people we teach are doing awesome, I love New Hartford/ Utica and all the great people here :).

We had a lesson over the phone with Rob and we read Alma 5 with him. I was able to learn somethings I needed to hear and we were all taught by the Spirit. My testimony of the Book of Mormon just keeps being strengthened and I absolutley love that Book and know it is true scripture from God.

Ahaha another lesson we had with him was at McDonald's since that's a good place to meet for him. He ended up telling like the whole store about my stubby thumb cause he was cracking up about it. "HEY, you gotta see this girls thumbs!" Ahaha we had all kinds of people joking around with us. Rob also shares the gospel with everyone he meets and I love it!

We were talking to a woman on her porch and her son who is autistic came out to talk with us. He was upset cause the neighbor boys always leave him out, so we gave him one of my CTR rings I carry around in my bag. We taught him what it meant and I was adjusting it for him when he said, "I can do it, I don't want this lookin like a marriage proposal or anything..." aha. They were cool. Heavenly Father is very aware of His children and I think that mom needed some upliftment.

I only have 6 months left of the best thing I've ever been able to do! I'm so grateful I get to be a missionary and try to consecrate myself to His purpose. Heavenly Father is aware of and loves every single one of His children. And I know Jesus Christ's grace can help us overcome our weaknesses. Have a great week and try to think of Them a little more as you do :).

1. The Vest's played icecream truck music and went around to the Elder's area and ours to track us down and give us icecream. They're the coolest :)

2. One of our random McDonald's friends talking about my thumb ahaha.

3. We run/play soccer at the highschool on Mondays and during their lunch, an exchange student from Taiwan asked to play with us, so we talked about religion and our missionary work! She's cool :)

4. A girl from Congo who the Elder's are teaching. At church I get to sit with her and help her know what's going on via google translate cause she speaks Swahili!

5. Sometimes at the end of a long day we end up cry laughing on the floor about Harry Potter and eyebrows. Yep.

6. We had MLC and I got to see my former companions Sister Allen and Sister White!¡!¡!


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