September 11, 2018


New Hartford


Sierra Boulton

Kountry (yep with a k)

Hey guys!¡!¡!¡! We're emailing Tuesday this week cause we had a member of the 70 come speak to us at zone conference yesterday which was neat! Elder Hamilton and his wife answered some questions and gave lots of training on making sure we are being converted/ the difference between a testimony and conversion. Sister Hamilton talked about the real definition of bearing testimony and how it is stating truths the Spirit has taught us, not a travel logue or even saying things we are grateful for. That was a cool reminder.

We got to do a Book of Mormon training in a distirct up in the boonies (prettiest drive ever) and got to see amish people in their carts. And we found an amish market (called the Olde Kountry Store) with bomb fudge. Also did you know there is a amish drama book series?¿ Someone read them for me and tell me how they are.

The weirdest feeling in the world is walking into a mall on pday and not knowing any of the songs playing and seeing what's "in style" these days. Pop culture's gotta chill with the ruffle sleeves. It's really refreshing to not have to care about fitting in with the world for a year and a half. (Ahaha not that I did anyway)

Sooo this week has been a good one! It's calmed down a little but, but we still have awesome people we get to teach. I'm starting to panick cause it's been colder lately and the sun goes down sooner. Last winter scarred me and I don't know how I'm gonna survive another one aha. Good thing the Gospel is worth it.

A guy we teach named Giuseppe came to church this week! ALSO awhile ago we met a professor at a college here and gave her a bunch of copies of the Book of Mormon cause she teaches a class on religions but they focus a ton on our church. So last Sunday the WHOLE class came and so in gospel principles the assistants taught the Restoration and gace us time to bear our testimonies after. So I got to stand in front of like 15 nonmembers (a ton of which were my age which is way intimidating aha) and bear testimony of the things I know are true. We had all three sets of missionaries go up after and we had a q&a session which was cool.

We also were able to pray with Rob about baptism and he picked a date :) it's the weekend after transfers so if I get transferred I might cry aha but mostly for joy cause Rob is making some changes to be ready for becoming a member of the church. I absolutley love teaching and feeling the Spirit. We watched the restoration with the Sheldon family and they felt the Spirit and Rocelee said she believes Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. We're working on helping them choose a date to be baptized too :).

I just feel really blessed. I spent a lot of my life worrying so much about the good things in my life being taken away, that I had a hard time enjoying them or being satisfied. Through some pretty miraculous but small things, the Lord has taught me how to hope and trust Him more. I have seen the blessing in the things that happen in my life such as having amazing people to teach, but also in myself. I still have fear and worry sometimes, but underneath those feelings is a general mood of happiness and peace. I know enough about the Gospel to recognize that only can come through Jesus Christ.

It's all so real!!! I love you guys!

1. I got to see my homies at zone conference woot woot
2. When you try to take pictures but your hands are so cold they don't function (lol it's not even snowing yet, I'm soo dead)
3. The girls from the college :) one even sight read the hymns on the piano in relief society! And one is from Ireland!
4. I started birthday candy poster's with the mission President's kids aha (gotta get em somehow right? ;)) I love Konnor.
5. Classic


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