September 3, 2018


New Hartford


Sierra Boulton

Old Person Yoga

Heyyyy guys! Ahh man it has been the best week ever. Except it's also been super stressful aha. Soooo first of all I hit my 1 yr since the MTC mark! Comin up on 6 months left!! Ah gross. Being a missionary is literally the best thing EVERRR.

We went on exchange with the sisters in Rome and got poured on and preached to aha. Drives me nuts when people try to Bible bash and their argument is just straight flawed aha. It was fun to experience a new area for 24 hrs though. Plus we had an experience that had a really deep affect on me. I know that Heavenly Father uses us to answer prayers. I'm still learning how the Holy Ghost works in my life, but I am grateful for the experiences God gives me to teach me about it. It was a special experience for me so I won't go into detail. But essentially we were prompted to stop by a woman who is less active and has some family members who are not members of the church. And the lesson and scriptures (Alma 7: 11-12) we were prompted beforehand to share about the Plan of Salvation were exactly what she needed in a difficult time in her life. It was very humbling to literally be an instrument in the hands of our Heavenly Father.

I've gotten the opportunity to testify of God's love and knowledge of every one of His children while in New York, but especially lately, which I am so grateful for. I have also gotten to share my knowledge of minecraft with some kids so that we could teach the Gospel. Never let it be said that hours of filling my siblings minecraft houses with tons of chickens was a waste of time. ;)

This week was MLC (mission leadership conference) which consists of President and Sister Vest, and the zone leaders/sister training leaders in our mission. It was so cool!!! I'm stoked about the things we get to help the missionaries in the NYUM with, but mostly it's just cool to see the Vest's follow exactly what the Lord wants them to do. I've grown to love the principle of sustaining church leaders.

Every Monday we go run on the track at the near by highschool till the girls soccer team comes over to practice. As the girls were all coming in, I turned around to see this old guy talking to my comp Sister Boulton and trying to teach her yoga ahahaha. I was dying. Except then he made me join them. So there we were, doing sun salutations with a 70+ yr old on the field with tons of people looking at us ahahaha. Thanks yogi Bill.

I don't even know how to write how happy I am with the experiences and people that God has led us to teach the restored gospel too. There have been so many miracles lately!!! And we've gotten to hear lots of people pray out loud for the first time. Which is my favorite part about being a missionary I think.

Sometimes we get to do family scripture study and prayer with the Sheldon family we are teaching, and I just love them. They have been doing awesome at it on their own, even though they don't understand a lot of the wording, and the 5 yr old Nikki is crazyyy aha. Her and Nigella keep me in line though by Nigella roasting me for being late in a closing prayer and Nikki yelling "why you so late??!" Ahaha don't worry mom, I'll never have to chase down the family car and make us all late to church again. Probably.

1. A picture from a couple weeks ago that the guy taking the picture sent us ahaha. We tried to teach him but he was...other wise occupied aha.
2. Exchange with Sister Hunt in Rome :)
3. When people basically beg to be converted via sticky note.
4. NY viewwwsss
5. Daisy Shealey. My friend from the South who talks about faith, fried chicken, and watermelon. Annnd Trump. Don't refuse anything she tries to give to you even if it's trying to be nice or she'll include the following in a prayer: "my momma told me ta neva not take food somebody offa ya. Throw it away lata if ya don't wan it."

Aha have a good week guys, I love you all! :)


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