August 13, 2018


New Hartford


Malia White

Chubby foamy adolescents aka Sister White and Sister Wright

What's up guys!!! This week has been a good one. I'll take ya through the highlights:

But first subject line explanation: sometimes while you're knocking on doors you ponder what you must look like to theses random New Yorker's. It's the best we could come up with.

Sister White and I took a guitar and my harmonica out tracting. Ahaha I thought people gave us weird looks already. Too weirdo missionaries singing hymns down the streets of New York get more weird looks. We sang to these guys chillin in their backyard drinkin and they asked if they could video us, so look us up on youtube cause we're pretty sure they posted it ;). We also got to serenade a guy while he was picking up his dog's crap. You know us, just makin the everyday better aha. We sang to a family who was outside and after one of them told us she grew up Mormon and said she wants to feed us sometime :). Good times.

I turned 20 so we got to roast mallows with a super awesome part member family and my comp made me a t shirt soooo it was a good one. Thank you guys for all the nice emails, wish I could respond to each of them! But know they meant a lot to me :)

We tracted in to a Jewish man who talked to us for awhile and we got to ask him some questions about his beliefs. I love learning about other people's religions while getting to share what I believe too. I've been thinking lately about our Savior Jesus Christ. Sometimes it feels like it's hard to know Him on a personal level. Even though I say His name a million times a day. But as we were standing on that porch talking to him, I felt a renewed sense of love for Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for Him. I know that He is the Messiah and that there is no way to God but through Him. Taking the Sacrament has become my favorite part of the week, because I know that as I keep trying and try to remember Him and be like Him, I am forgiven of my sins and short comings. And I'm not unique in that, it applies to you guys too.

Rob came to church again and brought his mom! We had an awesome lesson at one of the senior office couples' houses when their family was in town. They helped us teach the Articles of Faith and the Spirit was so strong. Man...I wish I could accurately describe how happy this makes me. It is definitely not all like this. But the fulfillment I receive from going through the mundane to appreciate the miraculous is priceless. I know that this Gospel is true. I absolutely know it.

1. Singing to people on their porch (also it's starting to get darker earlier sos sos)
2. The cute kids of a family we are teaching
3. 20!!¡¡¡!!
4. Comp unity
5. Trying to feed people Spiritually and temporally #zucchini


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