August 6, 2018


New Hartford


Malia White

Moldy Alpaca Money

Heyyy guys!!! It's been a good week :). Mostly cause Sister White and I have talked a lot about how we can improve as missionaries and disciples of Jesus Christ and we've found that something as simple as paying attention to if our thoughts and conversations are as focused on the work as our actions are, makes being a missionary sooo much more rewarding! I say that cause, guess whatttt, it totally applies to being a person in general tooo! Think about it, if we can focus on why we do the "everyday I have to's" and stick a more meaningful reason behind it, our hearts start to feel it and it becomes less of work and more of helping. Apply that how you will :)

A man named Rob who we have been teaching for a while finally was able to get work off and come to church! Even though it was like 90 degrees and he biked all the way there cause he wouldn't let us get someone to give him a ride. Sweaty people in church is better than no people in church. He's sooo awesome! Also one night we stopped in to check on the Sheldon family (the mom is from the Philippines) and she gave us all these super yummy meat kabobs aha. The daughter does all of her reading assignments even though she has a hard time understanding the Book of Mormon and it just makes me so happy. They live just down the street from us and we found them by talking to them even though they were up on their deck and we felt awkward. Aha classic, but we did it anyway and now we get to teach them AND get cool meat kabobs to take home cause we're fasting. Scooore.

So while we're walking away from their house, we see this guy across the street and we debated whether we should go talk to him cause we were like...holding this huge foil thing of meat kabobs lookin like weirdos...(lol even though we do anyway #blameitonthemeat) but we did anyway and he turned out to be way cool and we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. :)

Ohhhk so the mission stretches you in ways nobody saw coming. Like sometimes you get stoked cause you get to do service at the Utica Zoo, but then you have to count and roll quarters from alpaca feed machines that got a little wet and now have enough blue cheese for a nice salad dressing. Modern day pioneer Sister Wright got through it though. And then got chased by creepy emu's who charge the cage every time we walk past.

Sooo basically I still love being a missionary and life is good. Lately I have learned a lot about weaknesses and strengths and how God has given them to help us be humble. I'm still working on figuring out how to exactly apply what I've learned aha as always, but I know it involves the Savior and learning more about Him. Love you all!

1. New York has so many cats.
2. These awesome people who shared their cool childhood stories with us. People have rough lives and lots of Faith in Jesus Christ. Plus they like my harmonica playing :)
3. Tracting in the rain
4. Suvada and the "squash" aka squid
5. Classy.

Sister Anna Wright
New York Utica Mission


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