July 30, 2018


New Hartford


Malia White

"I've covered my shoulders my whole life and I love myself!"

Heyyyy everyone! An event last night pretty much sums up my life as a missionary. To begin, every roomate from college, and every companion on the mission has told me I talk in my sleep. Ahaha and if that wasn't bad enough apparently I also laugh in my sleep. So creepy, I'm aware. But today when we woke up Sister White goes, "Uhh, do you remember us talking last night??" And it allll came back so we realized we had had a full conversation which included Sister White explaining her stress at trying to decide which missionaries should serve in an area and how it was up to her. So she asked my opinion on who should go there and apparently I said, "I don't know. Missionary work maaaan." If the facts that Sister White and are to the point of having gospel conversations while we are half asleep, and also that we have rhyming names doesn't inform you of how this companionship is going I don't know what else to say. ;)

To explain the subject line...sometimes when it comes to the law of chastity and modesty people don't understand. A recent convert was telling us about something anti she read in which the lady said Mormon's teach a shame culture or something cause they have to cover their shoulders. And sometimes Anna sneaks into Sister Wright's vocabulary annnnd now I have a subject line. Good times.

This week was zone conference and Sister White and I were asked to prepare discussion topics and lead them for up to two hours of engaging missionaries while others were interviewed. Sooo we got to go up and get a bunch of gospel nerds talkin about topics aha. What started as kind of intimidating ended up being a really cool experience. It was fun to see what people were passionate about and to hear them bear their testimonies and teach each other. Plus I realized I sort of like to be in charge ahaha. President and Sister Vest taught us some powerful lessons and it was just awesome.

We had a lesson with a drunk guy and got him to literally create and sign a contract to come to church next week. Ahahaha I was dying laughing. He kept randomly getting into a surfer pose and bending his knees. But he remembered at least a little bit of what we taught. I live for this stuff aha.

Also holy cow. Tender mercies are just really real. It's been interesting to see how the mission has gone so far and how it is so totally different from my idea of what a mission was and how it would go for me. It's both cool and terrifying that something I had planned to do ever since I was a kid could be SOOO different than "what I planned". Isn't that life though?? I guess the trick is to remember to have a healthy sense of humor and lots of trust in God. But also remember that He isn't going to tell you exactly what to do and how to feel most of the time. Our lives are for us to learn and we do that best when we don't have a detailed Heavenly itinerary to follow. I'm grateful He's let me figure some things out and struggle so the knowledge becomes mine. Have a good week, I love you all :)

1. My handwriting hasn't gotten any better but here are the hymns we had the missionaries sing a capella to introduce each topic
2. Restocking cause we get to hand out a lot of copies of the Book of Mormon :)
3. The drunk guy and his contract aahaah
4. Our Harry Potter crewww. (from left to right) Voldemort, Malfoy, Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Luna
5. Teaching on a New York porch


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