June 25, 2018




Laney Allen

Sister Wright you look like a chicken

What's up guys! It's been an alright week. Kinda slower, but some cool stuff still happened! My favorite of which being when we met up for a lesson with Shyne and Storm (the African American kids) on the top of the neighborhood playground and a bunch of other kids joined us. Literally favorite moment of the mission. We had kids from all over ethnicity wise, sitting up at the top of the playground talking about Jesus and the Plan of Happiness. Sister Allen has a fun cut out version of it and they loooved it. We taught them about what my CTR ring means and then we prayed with them and I was just so happy. These kids are Spiritual geniuses.

Tracting story: so first we talked to this guy walking on the street and he looked a little crazy but ya know everyone needs the Gospel so we gave him a pass along card and Sister Allen was like "I bet that guy is one of those super smart people who like writes music but society thinks he's crazy". We kept knocking on doors and ended up knocking on his door. Turns out he is a genius and writes poetry. You better believe he recited it for awhile. And showed us the maple tree he wrote one about. Classic. (picture below).

This week I learned about logic vs the Spirit. I was reading in Alma 44 where Captain Moroni is prepping his army to defend themselves from Zerahemnah and the Lamanites. Moroni bears testimony of the help they have received from the Lord to Zerahemnah and the Lamanites and tells them that is why they are winning. While reading the chapter it is obvious that God has blessed them and helped them, but Zerahemnah (in verse 9) tells Moroni that it is just the armor and strategy that has beat them, not God. It kinda hit me that I tend to think in Zerahenmah (try typing that 5 times wow) terms about the Gospel sometimes. If we do not look at things with Spiritual eyes, we will miss what the Holy Ghost is trying to help us feel.

I officially gave up on my hair one day and put it in a floppy bun on the top of my head. Ahaha I got called a chicken so many times that day cause apparently it made me look like a rooster. Flattering. "Sister Allen you look so cute and your hair is beautiful! Sister look like a chicken." -investigator "Well as we taught you before from 2 Nephi, there has to be opposition in all things." -me.

1. Super creepy picture of the fresh strawberries a nice farmer lady gave us. #tracting
2. Have I mentioned I love tracting?
3. Neighborhood plan of happiness lesson
4.When everyone thinks you're polygamist anyway so you just embrace it.
5. Chicken eating chicken am I Wright (the answer is yes my name tag even says so)
You guys only have 9 months left to hope I get over myself ahaha.


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