June 11, 2018




Laney Allen

"Jesus wasn't all like that" - little kid watching us take pictures

Hey guys!!! This week was so fun! We went on a long exchange with the Syracuse Sister's cause they had a "Come and See" fireside that we got to do a musical number at! I got to play my great grandpa's harmonica as the intro and then we sang "Come Come Ye Saints". Even though my great grandpa didn't cross the plains it was just cool to be able to think of my ancestors and feel a little bit connected for a second :).

Syracuse is one of my favorite places I've been I think. Everyone is so chill and so diverse! We stopped to take pictures by a cool mural by a basketball court and this kid rides over and starts teasing us. "Jesus wasn't all like this!" and starts mimicking our peace signs and sticking his hips out ahahha. Roasteeeddd. We made up a handshake with him and gave him a pass a long card with Jesus on it. We asked what he wants us to pray for for him and he was like, "I want an I-phone and to feed the homeless." Ahhh I just love these people!

I've been thinking about our Prophet and his wife's words in the youth devotional, particularly about "gathering Israel" and how we can't do it without the Book of Mormon. We've been able to teach lots of people who are Muslim and Hindu lately, and giving them a copy of the Book of Mormon and teaching them what I can has been such a neat experience. I feel the Spirit so strongly around these kind people who literally won't let us leave without giving us something to eat and who have such soul searching questions. We got to read Alma 40 about the plan of salvation to directly answer a man from India's questions and it just hit me so hard how cool this all is and how blessed we are to have answers that nobody else has, and then to share it with others! The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has the fullness of Jesus Christ's gospel.

1. My new homie :)
2. I'd make fun of us too
3. Sometime it just hits ya that the Book of Mormon is true
4. When the worst driver in the mission gets a 2018 Malibu to drive *que my mom having a heart attack*


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