May 21, 2018




Madison Oviatt

"Go proselytize the unwashed masses living in their terrestrial monotony"

Subject line courtesy of another person at Dunkin Donuts. I think we need a new bathroom stop ahaha.

This week has been pretty goood, the sister training leaders came and blitzed our area again (they com here and we split up for a day) and we picked up a ton of people to teach. Blessed. Also, our referral named Samuel from Nigeria came to church!!! It was awesome. Except the part where Sister O and I had to teach the law of chastity in the gospel principles class to a bunch of adults. *cringe* It's amazing how many filler words there are when you are trying to not say a specific word ahahah.

...Yeah that's all I got.

Hope you all have a great next week and remember to read the Book of Mormon every day. Have I mentioned how much I absolutely depend on and love that book? Yep I have but comin @ ya again, YOU GUYS the Book of Mormon is so true!!!!! I learn principles from reading it slowly and pondering that I didn't know was in there! Seriously, I've read it before but I'm wondering where my head was I missed so much! Anyway. Read it. Living the Gospel brings blessings and sometimes they aren't even connected to what you're doing. Like yeah reading every day will help you learn cause that's a natural consequence. But Heavenly Father will open up opportunities and offer protection in other categories of life from obedience. He offers blessings that don't seem to be a connected benefit to the act of faith you offer.

When you hold "open lake night" for baptism but nobody shows up ;)
YOU GUYS I HELD TWO SQUIRRELS. Sos it was so ticklish and they went to the bathroom on me like 4 times. #worthit

Sister Anna Wright
New York Utica Mission


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