May 15, 2018




Madison Oviatt

Boots and Justice...Puritan Power! *fist pump in the air*

What's up guys!!! Happy Mother's Day yesterday! Talking to the family was ammmaazziinngg except we all cry so much aha. This week has been pretty good! We have talked to a lot of people from other countries lately and it is SO cool to get to learn a little bit from them about their culture and religions. We got a referral for a man from Nigeria who wants a Bible, a darling Muslim family from France feed us dinner, and a cute Indian Hindu family let us in the other night and we got to teach them the Restoration :).

We've had some really cool conversations with a lot of people about the Gospel, and it always cracks me up when we get talking with a Catholic and by the end of the conversation they are like, agreeing with everything we're saying aha. I love giving people a copy of the Book of Mormon because wooow I love that book more and more. I've been reading about Ammon and Aaron and their brothers and a favorite line from Aaron teaching King Lamoni's father is when he prays for the first time and tells Heavenly Father, "I will give away all my sins to know thee". I think about myself and if I am willing to give up my sins and stubborness to come to know God better. Something to ponder about.

We were chillin at Panera bread one dinner hour and this guy comes up to us and is like "Hey, are you guys missionaries?" Ahaha uhhh yes... and he proceeded to tell us how he used to meet with Elders in California and how he went to church a few times out there and really respects us for what we're doing. Whaaaattt??! It was awesome. Little tender mercy. So we gave him our card and invited him to church. Maybe he'll show up sometime :)

I've been trying to become a better missionary by praying each morning to be an instrument in God's hands that day. And I have been able to understand the Spirit better as I am trying to be more aware of him in my day. I'd invite you guys to do the same! It's pretty cool what God can do when we try to give Him a little more control of our lives that we trick ourselves into thinking we have control over ;)

So to explain my subject line, ya'll remember Noah like the ark who made me eat sushi?? So his little sidekick William (not his actual name, I just can't remember names so I call him that), is just always chillin at Dunkin Donuts which is our "shoot we're out knocking doors and drank too much water" stop so we talk to him for a little bit. One day I was wearing my red rain boots so he gave me the nickname Boot Magee and my comp is Justice Malone. Don't ask ahaha. So we were telling him what we do as missionaries and he apparently related us to puritans? Idk New Yorkers just don't get who we are ahah. We can have like two solid lessons with someone and they'll still think we're Jehovas Witness's. Face palm. Oh and a restaurant owner tried to bash with us over cheescake and said that "everyone gets after the Catholics so it must be true. Nobody's after the Mormon's." FACE PALM again. 1. What are you currently doing ahahah and 2. Ever heard of Missouri??? That's all thanks. But anyway I like being a missionary aaha. And I love New Yorkers. But mostly their cheesecake ;).

Have a good week guys!!!! Love you all!

1. historical Fayetteville United church is jealous of the truth standing right outside it's doors ;)
2. GREEN Lakes park
3. I think I'm funny
4. three words, New York cheesecake.


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