September 2, 2017


MTC - Provo, UT


Kazia Glick

I'm cheating on Nesquick

Guys the chocolate milk here is sooo good and other than all the stuff
I am learning (obviously) it is has been the most life changing thing
at the MTC. Aha jk but not really.

WOW. I keep looking at my badge and freaking out cause I AM A
MISSIONARY!!! And I've been saying I would be for so long and now it's
here! So .2 seconds before my family dropped me off I was setting a
super great example to my siblings by panicking and saying "sos" 7
times and I might have thrown in a "get me outta here" while we were
driving around the Provo temple cause suddenly calm and collected Anna
turned to deer in God's headlights Anna right before I was supposed to
walk into the MTC. Good times. Next thing I know I'm hugging my family
goodbye while my dad cries more than everyone combined..people are
handing me stuff, I'm meeting my comp Sister Glick (who is awesome),
and sitting in classes all day with super spiritual people who all
seemed either 10 years older than me (the Sisters) or 10 years younger
than me (the Elders) ;) it was hard but a good kind of hard. The past
few days my testimony has grown deeper than I knew possible, I
discovered how inadequate I am, and I have learned how REAL the Gospel
of Jesus Christ is. I accepted an offer by my Branch President to get
a blessing from him...and I can barely put into words how amazing it
was. He answered questions that nobody except my mom knew I had. I
literally mouthed to the wall after my jaw dropped, "holy cow it's
true!!!!" As if the thought had never occurred to me!!! I always had a
testimony of the Gospel, but I am just starting to discover the
personal and individual aspects of it. It applies to me, not just
people I will be teaching. My favorite quote from the classes so far
has been "The Savior ministers to the individual". His Gospel applies
to each of us and WE ALL NEED IT. It's scary and overwhelming being
here, so I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe in it. I love you all,
thanks for the support!!! (Heaven knows I need it!) literally! Ps. My
district is hilarious and we literally all debated for an hour about
which John is which in the Bible and we mapped out who wrote each book
in the New Testament and Book of Mormon ahahaha. They are awesome.
1.Our awesome district
2. Our aforementioned map
3. Sister Glick and I
4. MTC hits you like....


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