September 16, 2017


MTC - Provo, UT


Kazia Glick

"Sister Wright, never wrong"

First of all I just want to announce that this email will not be based
on food as half of my Spiritual experiences seem to be. Also you have
no idea how many last name puns I have heard since entering the MTC
ahahah but it's a great last I Wright? Ha...aha...Ok so I
am always an emotional wreck let's be real. But these last days in the
MTC are destroying me aha. I have been so completely amazed at the
testimonies I have heard, the lessons I have been taught by amazing
teachers, my district, and especially the Holy Ghost, and sooo much
more. My last week in the MTC has been full of 4 square (it's become
my life), being super obedient by staying up bawling at all the
Sister's in our districts life stories and testimonies, accidentally
winking at an Elder and never hearing the end of it cause #page33 (the
page in the handbook that talks about no flirting) even though that
was NOTTT the intent of the wink ahaha, and feeling so excited to get
into the field. I feel so inadequate having heard all of the amazing
people around me share the things they have been through and how they
had to rely on the Savior. I honestly feel like I have a had a very
very good and easy life. So to think that in a few days I could be
standing in front of a human being, and ask them to change and to
believe is a humbling thought. But I also am learning that it isn't
about me. It isn't about how inadequate I sometimes feel. Or how
afraid I am to love people who might not be ready to accept the Gospel
that I know is true with all of my heart and mind, because I want
those people to know it too, but have to remember that we were given
agency. Ohhh you guys. I can't put into words how awesome being a
missionary is. But the things I have learned aren't just because I am
a missionary. It's because I have had the power of the Holy Ghost with
me more. And I have said more prayers in a day than I ever have. I'm
reading the scriptures and studying them. And I am focusing on Jesus
Christ. Yes, I'm doing those things because I am a missionary, but you
don't have to be on a mission to have personal revelation and have the
Holy Ghost more in your life! I'm kind of beating myself up for not
realizing how real and important the Gospel is before I came here.
This is getting long and I have to plan a lesson on obedience while I
ironically stay up past curfew and figure it out literally the night
before and then show up late the the district meeting in which we are
supposed to teach at. It's almost like the Lord was trying to tell me
something that I needed to work on. Ahaha THE CHURCH IS TRUEEEEE!!!! I
love it so much and next time I email I will be in New York telling
everyone about it with a smile that wouldn't be there without the
beautiful and amazing knowledge that I have been blessed with. I love
you all!!!
1. One of the AMAZING murals at the MTC
2. Spiritually and physically fed #postworkouticecream
3. Fall is life
4. The difference between me and Sister Glick ahaha (DI for the win)


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