September 25, 2017


Hoosick Falls


Sara Morley

NEEWW YOORKKK and oj in wine glasses from a very drunk man

Heellloooooo!!! Wow where do I even. So basically in the MTC the night before me and Sis Keller and Sis Gunther are supposed to leave (the rest of our district left us the night before, super sad), we are frantically packing cause we leave at 3:30 AM that night. Annnnd the fire alarm goes off. So our whole building has to evacuate and so basically we were all in our pajamas sitting outside in the MTC. And because #Mormon, all the Sister's gathered and started singing hymns in a circle in their pjs. (No wonder people think we are a cult). We finally got to go back in and finished packing. Went to bed super late. Fast forward, we wake up to a banging on our door. Turns out the satan alarm clock that I thought I set..was not.. and we had slept in and they sent someone to come get us cause the whole bus was waiting. Lol. Good times. Didn't even brush our teeth. Fast forward again, we get to the Utica airport and of course, my luggage was missing. So I got to sleep in my clothes at President and Sister Rogers house and smell super great. Honestly it wasn't that bad, we were all just dying laughing at all the things that went wrong. But it's ok cause #churchistrue.

NEEEWWW YOOORKKK is ammmazing. It is soo green and beautiful here. My area includes Hoosick Falls, this tiny hick town RIGHT by Vermont. I love it. I live in the middle of it in a place that is apparently in a village. It's humid and the weather is awesome right now. In the mornings there is this Pride and Prejudice fog that hangs there until the sun burns through and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I can't breath when I try to run cause of it...but when am I not dying while running. It's fine.

Apparently Upstate NY has a huge bed bug threat. They gave us this whole slide show on it and the AP's (assistants to the President) were laughing at me cause I was making these awful faces the whole time. Literally my OCD is back except this time the germs are bugs and ALL IS WELL except not really cause I'm gonna die.

Our church is in a cute town in Vermont called Bennington, and our ward is a tiny branch. But I love the members so much. People here are so upfront and hilarious and...colorful. Our mission leader (Brother Behunin) has this huge backyard and lots of ducks and we have a bbq to bring investigators to every week. He is such a funny redneck of a guy and he has a cannon that scares the heck out of people faster than missionaries can teach the heck out of people. Ha Mormon swear words. He likes to light it while we are playing horse shoes and then watch us panic when it goes off.

Me and my comp Sister Morely (who is so awesome) are opening the area. Which sounded great until I realized that that meant nobody here knows much about Mormon's and that "opening" is basically a nice way of saying "door knocking". Ha. I love it. Not really but it's all good. We've been doing pretty good at passing out Books of Mormon but a lot of people are Catholic here and only listen cause they "appreciate what we're doing" or cause they pity me cause I look like I'm a 12 year old lost orphan. We'll take it. We do have some solid potential investigators though. Lots of seed planting to put it positively aha.

We played "bean boozled" at a members house on Sunday night after dinner which is where you get a box of jelly beans that has the same colors but different flavors in it. So there is an orange one that could either be peach or vomit. I always got the gross one and I almost threw up. The Olsen family kept giving me apple juice to drink it down with. It was disgusting. #BrennanWright'sgagreflex is genetic.

Also I we visited this hilarious old man named Stan the other night. He was VERY drunk on wine but he was SOO funny. He opened the door and was like "Mormon's!!! Come on it!!!" We taught him a lesson on the porch and he gave us orange juice in wine glasses. I was dying. He probably won't remember anything we talked about. But he told us a lot, he has had a hard life. But he has such a good attitude. He was like "The Lord has blessed me! I mean look, I've got two pretty girls on my porch!!!" Ahaha. My favorite was when he called himself old and I was like "You're not old Stan!" And he hit me on the head with a bunch of papers and yelled, "MORMONS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO LIE!" And then died laughing cause he "caught me" ahahahaha. I was loosing it.

So yeah this is super hard and not gonna lie I hated it for a minute, but then you get hit on the head by a drunk man and you realize that life is great and I like being a missionary. THE CHURCH IS TRUEEEEE.

Pictures: (sorry they aren't in order)​​
Vermont is famous for it's covered bridges apparently
The roads and trees (I'm in heaven)
MTC hammock lyyyfe
Vermont border woot woot
our over night pack cause #lostluggage
THE FOGGG *heart eyes*
I attatched a video of me gagging, not sure it'll work


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