November 6, 2017


Hoosick Falls


Sara Morley

My branch mission leader fought a bear

Ok so quick thing about my branch mission leader, Brother B. Have any of you seen the movie "The Perfect Storm?" Well Bro B is the real life person who was the last person to talk with the ship that went down. And he survived a hurricane on a sail boat. "We had all kissed our bums goodbye" he says aha. And he played tug of war with a bear cause it was trying to steal his deer that he shot. And he was one of the paramedics who helped in 9/11. And he has copd and can't breathe well but still serves everyone in the branch as much as he can. That man is a legend and I'm gonna write a book about him.

MIRACLE: YOU GUYS the church is so true and God is so aware of each of us. We were walking to a potential investigators house on Sunday and we happened to take a different route walking to get there and we stopped at this shrine thing on the side of the road and the member with us explained that it meant there had been an accident there. We saw the name was Kyle and kept walking. Then we walked up the road a ways and I suggested we might as well knock some doors on our way up so we did. The second house we knocked on a woman answered the door and we started teaching her about the restoration. She knew of the Book of Mormon cause a coworker used to read it to her and I just had this feeling "She's been prepared". At some point in the conversation she started to cry and said, "I'm sorry, I looked at the car down the road. That car hit and killed my son a couple years ago", Sister Morley looked at her and said "Is your son named Kyle?" But we both already knew the answer when the woman said yes. So then we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she let us in and accepted a Book of Mormon. It was probably the coolest experience I've had so far....I felt had randomly grabbed a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and had it with me so that was a tender mercy too. It was such a testimony to me that God is so so aware of each of us and that there are no coincidences. I love the Gospel so much. God has a bigger part in our lives than we are aware of. I just feel so blessed. I'm so grateful for temples and the power to bind on Earth and in Heaven that it has. How blessed are we to live in the time that we do? ​
-- 1. Charlanne, my favorite recent convert leopard aha
2. Handing out candy with all the old ladies woot woot
3. Brother B, the man the myth the legend
4 and 5. The Bennington Battle Monument!! I love America ahhh
6. Robert Frosts grave (so stoked we got to see it in this super old cemetary) ​


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