December 4, 2017


Hoosick Falls


Sara Morley

Aha ohhh man we are so blessed

This week. Let me tell ya. I feel so humbled and blessed lately. Ok so 2 Sunday's ago I gave a talk on the Book of Mormon and while I was writing it I felt impressed to take a small tangent and talk about the Holy Ghost. I felt kind of weird about it but I left it in and gave the talk. After church one of the investigators that the Elders who are in our branch are teaching named Brother Percy came up to me and thanked me and said he had been trying to learn how to tell what the Holy Ghost feels like. I had happened to print off a talk by Elder Bednar about it and so I gave it to him. Fast forward to this week, we get a call from the Elders and he says "Hey Sister Wright you're giving another talk on the 10th" and I'm like yeah funny joke I just spoke. But turns out it was for Brother Percy's baptism. He asked for me specifically to give a small talk about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost cause I apparently helped break the barrier for him. Yep I cried when I heard that. Very humbling to know that a small prompting I had and followed through with in a shaky talk helped somebody become more converted to the Gospel. Ah I feel so blessed.

Second story, so we are teaching this girl named Emily who we met knocking doors a while ago. She is our main investigator and I love her so much. Her and her boyfriend Connor have binders full of all of their pokemon cards and they educated me in that department. Yep they're cool. Emily is very intelligent and remembers like, everything she reads in the Book of Mormon. This Sunday she got to come to church cause she had work off and by the end of it she was crying and didn't know why (we all know it was the Holy Ghost) ;) She loved it. Ahaha so then we are walking to the next class and this hilarious sweet older lady starts talking to her and I hear her whisper to Emily, "pst, do you smoke or drink coffee?? That's gonna be the hardest thing to give up but YOU CAN DO IT!!!" And then starts praying right then and there in the hallway for Emily that she can give up coffee. Ha yeah ok so now here is the problem, we hadn't taught her the word of wisdom yet. Ha yep it's fine. Sweet Emily was like "ohh yeah ok Connor said he read something about that but you didn't bring it up so I didn't know.." Ha I'm the worst. But she stayed and answered the questions in gospel principles class and made me and my comp look really good lol. And walking out she was like "I'm sinning already I drank coffee this morning and I'm not fasting! Like...I work at Dunkin Donuts!" Keep in mind we hadn't taught her any of this yet. Yep that's how cool she is. I'm praying hard for her. Ah man I love people and being a missionary and Heavenly Father (His hand is so obvious sometimes and I just love it) and our Savior Jesus Christ who makes everything possible. Ugh I'm so blessed. I love all of you and I hope you all have a fantastic week :)

1.Decorating for Christmas @ Brother B's
2."Charlanne, smile!"-me "Jesus!!!"-Charlann
3.Brother B and I jammin to Silent Night (I learned how to play some chords #killinit)
4.Emily and Connor educating me about Pokemon
5.I built a futon. BOOM. (we helped a member move and wouldn't let the Elders help us build it) So yeah now I have some serious street cred. Don't ask why I'm so proud of this just let me think it's cool #futonpower


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