December 18, 2017


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

Tryna teach Hoosick Falls how to #lighttheworld in a new way (without a cigarette)

What's up! So this week has been the most stressful of my life aha love it. My cute trainee is hilarious and is like a mini me so that has been fun cause we have the same problems (aha we are both very slow) I guess now is when I learn how to make my weaknesses become strengths #wootwoot she cracks me up cause she walks around our apt in this giant cheetah print robe and she is terrified of bed bugs (thanks to the discourse they give the greenies their first day about how to avoid them) and she calls them "little friends" and it kills me aha. (mini me what did I tell ya) Lol I have no idea what I am doing but good thing this is Heavenly Father's work and not mine! I pray a lot, lets just leave it at that aha.

Yeah so along with taking over the area and training comes the driving responsibility. We definitely "did not" (@ my mom) slide into an intersection the first night I had to drive 3 hours while snowing aha..ha.. Good times. I think I have grown 5 gray hairs and some wrinkles but it's fine I'm fine.

This week included tracting into this guys house that started telling us we are hosts for the aliens and they are living among us and that if he wanted a Book of Mormon all he had to do is ask the universe and he could cause one to appear in the air. I was like "Yeah ok or...we could just give you one..." He thought I was a lost cause who didn't understand the secrets of life but my greenie comp got a good taste of tracting Hoosick Falls. It's all good.

Emily came to church again and answered all the questions in Gospel principles (I flippin love her). That class is the greatest. My hippie friend Julainne teaches it and everyone participates and it goes from trying to teach about the tribes of Israel to the importance of loving yourself in .2 seconds thanks to the Elders investigator who thinks hemp is manna. I refuse to leave this branch.

Ah man. I've been so grateful for the Savior's life lately. I'm trying to learn how to rely on Him and to use that infinite gift He has given us. I'm so grateful for His birth, His life, His atonement, and His conquering death. In order for His sacrifice to mean anything there had to be a chance that he would fail. He was tempted and beaten and down trodden, but "with His stripes we are healed" because He overcame the world. I love the Savior Jesus Christ and I am so thankful for all that He has done and still does. Merry CHRISTmas!

1. Saturday was Sister Marshall's birthday (my comp) and so our branch mission leader aka the legend of Bro B threw her a "greenie bday dinner" and it was siiick.
​​​​2. Vermont's famous covered bridges wooot wooot
3. I hate the cold (but the maple trees are my favorite #syrup)
4. Me and Sister Marshall :)


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