January 1, 2018


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Let me walk you through how a regular morning in the life of Sister Wright goes. 1. Roll out of bed and check to make sure the pipes didn't freeze again. 2. Run around the house to get rid of all the chocolate I eat cause I've been stressed and so I can hopefully get warm enough that I can shower without getting hypothermia 3.Get in the cold shower cause our hot water doesn't work in the morning and try not to scream 4. Remember to unplug the space heater while blow drying our hair or else the power goes out and we have to go into the spider infested creepy cellar. Yes we know this from experience. Yes it happened more than once. 5. Enjoy personal study and companion study cause after we gotta go out into the barely above zero degree weather and try to find someone to listen to us. I love being a missionary.

Aha ok but really it's not tooooo bad. I mean our teaching pool is about as frozen as a normal pool would be cause it goes below zero everynight but there is opposition in all things and the Lord is just prepping us for all the awesome miracles comin our way. (Ok people if that isn't an attempt of faith I don't know what is ahaha). I'm such a pessimist a man. Ok for real miracle: we were texting a potential investigator about when we can meet with her and asked if she had read the Book of Mormon we gave her and she said she had read a bunch of chapters and had prayed for the first time and felt like God answered her prayer and thanked us for teaching her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon cause she never would have heard about it. I almost cried tears of joy. I'll keep ya updated on that :)

Also shout out to my friend and neighbor Mrs. Davendonis who passed away yesterday. We got a text yesterday morning saying she had passed away. She was one of my favorite people on the planet and I'm gonna miss her dearly. Maybe she'll finally listen to the discussions I guess. I was an emotional wreck but while studying the Plan of Salvation it kind of took a new meaning. I'm so so grateful that we know Heavenly Father's plan and that it is meant for our happiness. I absolutely believe that we are all brothers and sisters and that we aren't just drifting in the universe. God knows what He is doing, He just asks us to have enough faith to follow His Son.

Pictures: happy New Year!
1. me being a great trainer
2. the classic white girl "lookin back at 2017 like"
3. bottle flip??


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