January 15, 2018


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

Hide yo wife, hide yo dogs, hide yo kids, the Mormon missionaries are out

Hey guys! This week was fun, since Sister Marshall is in training we got to go to Utica for a trainer/trainee meeting and I saw my homies from the mtc. It was an awesome series of meetings and in one of the talks a senior missionary talked about problems we have as millenials (lol I hate being labeled) and that we are so used to .2 second answers that it can cause problems when the source is God. We'd rather go to google than God sometimes. And as much as I hate being labeled I can relate with not understanding how Heavenly Father answers. I often have to catch myself from thinking I know more than God. I mean of course I know He does, but my actions don't always imply that. So that was humbling but I obviously need it ;).

NY's weather is weirder than Utah, it was randomly 60 degrees and super foggy and humid (my favorite) and the next day was bag to 12 so wooot woooot. We tracted in the rain and I made my trainee hate me buuuut it's fine.

People crack me up. One door we knocked on the kid answered and got his mom and as we start introducing ourselves she starts flipping out and grabbing her child and holding out her hand like we are going to smite her with our sorcery and it just kills me ahaha. (hence the subject line) I've probably started laughing about rejection cause if I didn't...well it just happens a lot haha.

Ok I guess missionary work in general cracks me up. The other day we were trying to figure out where to go after someone we planned to see wasn't home and I was about to go visit someone that I knew wasn't sincere about changing so I stopped and leaned against the car saying out loud "ughhh where can we go that will fulfill our purpose better" and I look across the street and see these two kids struggling with carrying a huge mattress along the road ahahaha. So we ran over to them and helped them carry it (all the while I know my comp is dying at touching a mattress after the bed bug talk lol) and we ended up teaching them and sprinting back to our car to get them a Book of Mormon. I love missionary work. And talk about immediate blessing for trying to use our time wisely :)

Anyway I hope you are all swell and loving life. Something that I have realized is that I can control my own happiness/mood. Who knew right?? Aha but seriously there have been a few times where I am just unhappy at circumstances that I can't always control and it is frustrating. But it just hits me sometimes that I can let it go and choose to be happy and then I am! I haven't figured out how to do it all the time but the times I can it's been awesome. The church is true :)

1. My homies Sister Gunther and Sister Keller
2. After tracting in the rain #shelovesmedeepdown
3and4. VT the green "hill" staaaaattteee except it's white and cold and I "love" it!!!


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