January 22, 2018


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

Diapers and Sister Wright are being changed (and neither are very pleasant processes)

What's up!!! Here comes the bullet points cause I'm too lazy to come up with coherent paragraphs lol. 1. I'm so sick of the snowwwww but at least it looks cool on all the trees. I guess I'll allow it. *pretends she has control over it cause she is always influenced by other people's agency as a missionary* it's ok though cause we had a snow ball fight after district meeting and the Sister's definitely won. (you know you're out of shape when throwing a couple snowballs makes your arm sore the next day). 2. We had exchanges with the sister training leaders in Saratoga Springs and I always eat too much ice cream but it's ok cause they do too. 3. We finally found a less active girl we have been trying to contact when we were walking down the street and she was like "Hey! You're from my church!" That's not something ya hear everyday...or like ever out here haha. 4. We were in a house talking to people #missionarywork and I'm having this grand ole conversation and I keep smelling something awful...but I just gotta keep talking and get through it and try not to think about the cat it is probably coming from. We make it through and start walking back to the car and my comp starts dying laughing and tells me that the smell was coming from this super old lady in the adjacent room who was CHANGING HER OWN DIAPER the whole time and as soon as I processed the connection between what I had been inhaling the past few minutes and the mental image....let's just say I inherited Brennan Wright's gag impulse and my comp stood there laughing at me while I died on the road. Goooood timmmmeeesss. It's a jungle out there. 5. I'm just so so grateful for personal revelation. It doesn't come as expected and patience is required. But God helps His children out. It's taken me awhile to understand that He isn't up there laughing at us like "boom here's a curve ball try to hit that successfully!". He wants us to succeed!!! But aren't going to succeed in an Eternal sense if He doesn't let us struggle. It's painful and awkward to go through but it's essential and worth it. I love the Gospel!!!! Have a great week!

1. District pic
2. Sister Wright loves trees
3. Sister Wright still loves trees
4. New England clam chowder in a classy VT bookstore with a Thomas Jefferson memorial #american
5. My favorite hippie place that makes cool bread


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