January 29, 2018


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

Cows are so accepting

You guys I thought I was a wuss when I got a cold before the mission but having a cold on the mission is the wooorssttt. This week was slower but it just keeps hitting me how cool/terrifying it is that I'm out in the middle of nowhere knocking on random doors and talking to super cool people about their life stories that I never would have been able to hear. So while the work has been slow in the baptisms department, I just feel blessed that I get to talk about the Gospel and here cool stories.

This week we had a super fun lesson with an investigator named Jim. He has a ministers license but is a happy guy and is always willing to learn and is reading the Book of Mormon. We were talking about the differences and similarities between his religion and ours and in the middle of our talk he's like "you seem to have wisdom beyond your years" to which everyone in the room promptly disagreed with ahaha. I later shared how I enjoy knocking on sketchy doors cause it's exciting and then he's like "yeah ok never mind it's not wisdom, you're just crazy!" Nailed it.

Oh you guys. God is so much bigger and more amazing than my tiny mind comprehends. I think I have things figured out...and then I get us lost. Yeah with a gps don't ask how it happened. I have no idea what I'm doing but that's ok cause God does. And I think I'm easier to work with when I'm constantly reminded that I'm a piece of work and need Him :) Jacob 6:5 stood out to me today, check it out. Love you all!
Pictures: I think there's some of me and the cows of VT cause I feel accepted with them, oh and one of me and my crazy friend Ida who dances on main st.


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