February 5, 2018


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

Sister Wright is just as bad of a driver as Anna was

Anybody surprised? No? Cool. Hit a guard rail, got lost, the little mission car box called tiwi yells at me on a regular basis, greenie comp clutches her pearls at every curve in the road (there's a lot of curves in the road here), every old person who hears about my speeding problem roasts me, good times.

Sidenote: You know it's gonna be a good sacrament meeting when you have a new investigator there and the opening hymn is "If You Could Hie To Kolob" and then they talk about tithing. #missionaryheartattack

Have I mentioned my trainee knocks via slamming the window repeatedly with her puffy glove hand instead of knocking? #whoeverisinthathouseheartattack

Shout out to whoever won the super bowl, I wouldn't know cause the most I saw was .2 seconds through someone who wouldn't open the door's window. I'm not bitter.

Guys this week we were talking to an investigator named Collette who hadn't really been progressing. She was talking to us about the Book of Mormon and she was like, "I mean I really can't find anything wrong with it, I think it could be true. I mean it talks about Jesus Christ so..." and I was like k but have you read it like we asked aha and the answer was no. So we committed her to read and read the first couple chapters of Nephi with her to get her hooked. And after we had this awesome conversation about it and I got so excited about the Book of Mormon and how cool it is! And in the literal "Spirit of the moment" I asked her if she read it and she prayed about it and knew it was true she would be baptized and she agreed. So hopefully that'll go somewhere, she is super cool.

But yeah lately I'm just so stoked about the Gospel. When I read the Book of Mormon I'm learning things I've never thought about before. I've been taking studying the Gospel seriously and the things I learn make me so happy!!! The Gospel is so true. The Book of Mormon is so so true. We've been talking with this couple who are Bible geniuses, but who are the definition of "a Bible a Bible, we have a Bible" from the Book of Mormon haha. They just don't get it. They described the "Trinity" to me and when I left I was so confused and sad. It provided me with an opportunity to have my testimony of the Godhead and the Book of Mormon reaffirmed. You guys, that book is of God. It is a record of how people got through their challenges and came closer to Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. Read it every day. I love that book and I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's true and it keeps hitting me over and over again. Pray to your Heavenly Father. He wants to hear those raw, pure, sometimes pained prayers from His children because it provides Him a way to answer them.

I love you all, thanks for your examples and your love!

Pictures: 1. my homies from the assisted living place one of which who calls me "little bow teef" and one named Joe who is from Brooklyn and wears a gold chain and asks me to run away with him regularly. "Yeah I go to choych" 2. Can satan make it snow?? Was that sacrilegious? 3. Collette's diner: can you tell I love food? Chubby cheeks but at least I'm smilin 4. The only good thing about snow is VT frosted hills aka "mountains"


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