February 12, 2018


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

I'm a

You guys. We got this voicemail from a woman who in all sincerity was super confused at a pass along card we had left on her doorstep. "There's this guy who is smiling...and next to it it says "I'm a moron?? It says Jesus Christ on the back so it must be a religious thing, but I don't understand why it has all these people degrading themselves? I mean everybody has their thing I guess. But anyway Sisters of Hoosick Falls, whoever you are, YOU are not morons. Not to me" HOW CUTE IS THAT ahahaha. Me and comp were DYINGGGG laughing. We listened to it over and over. And we called her back and explained that it says MORMON and explained what we do as missionaries and she said she would call us for a time we can meet her ahaha. Best experience of my mission so far in the laughing dept. I live for this stuff aha.

This nice catholic elderly couple told us "We're too old to learn anymore" which was a nice switch up from hearing "I'm all set" and then they gave me a huge old hat and a couple rolls of toilet paper. #missionarywork

Shout out to my friend Rebecca in Hoosick Falls who gave me and comp cheap wine glasses and a bottle of Fresca so we could have a couch party before we have to get rid of it cause of mission guidelines about furniture ahaha. I love the people here.

Honestly I'm a little bit ready to get out of the same area for what will be about 6 months by the time I get transferred in March, but miracles are still happening even when I feel down. I swear it's always the last door we knock on that He answers a prayer and I feel so warm inside even in the cold. He listens to our prayers. I love Him and His son Jesus Christ so much. Let them love you back! I've been reading in Mosiah chapter 4 and pondering just how beautifully simple the Gospel is. We have everything we need to make it back to Him.

when it's Monday and you have no good pictures to put in your group email so you go in the woods by the church and take weird pictures. Killin it.


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