March 5, 2018


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

"When I first met Sister Wright I thought all Mormons were that high" bye Hoosick Falls!!!

Hey guys!!! Aha my subject line comes from one of our investigators named Jim who told me that in our parting lesson. The amount of people that associate my happiness with some type of drug is a bit concerning ;). I'm called "the giggling one" by a few branch members. Sorry the Gospel makes me happy gosh dang it aha.

Last Monday we got a call from President Rogers saying little Hoosick Falls would be closing for a transfer. I have mixed feelings about it, but it will be for the better. It's been an interesting experience serving here the past almost 6 months. I opened Hoosick Falls and now am closing it, I don't want to know what that means about what kind of missionary I am ahah I promise I didn't try to destroy it ;). My new area will be in another village called Fayetteville! This should be interesting aha.

This week has been filled with goodbyes, planting seeds for future missionaries who serve here, and enjoying my last little bit in good ole Hoosick Falls/ the Bennington, VT branch.

While there has not been success in the form of people deciding to be baptized for the first part of my mission experience, I feel grateful to have been able to be a servant of the Lord in this little area. I have been able to teach people about God and that He loves them. I have been able to hear people pray for the first time in their lives and to introduce many of them to the Book of Mormon, a book that I have grown to love even more out here. This Gospel is all so true. It is powerful and beautiful and I think I have come to appreciate that a little more here. Just because it is true and good does not mean everyone will accept it. I've been mocked and given anti material and have been turned down. But the Gospel still stands and we still have the full truth. Keep walking that sometimes boring/stressful/lonely road guys! It leads to the most happiness any of us will experience. I guess that's where the trusting in God comes in.

1. Peace out Hoosick Falls! You now have a lot more of these than we I started aha
2. Driving to coordination meeting I read "Food, Spirits, Friends". Elder Neudar goes "Sounds like the Spirit World"
3. Our "funeral dinner" (since 3 out of 4 missionaries are being transferred) consisted of blowing up encyclopedias with a small cannon, and eating food dyed black for the funeral, and our mission leader singing "Wild Thing" for us as we depart. And an interesting Plan of Salvation lesson with Jim afterwards. Good times.
4. My homies from the Bennington Branch trying to hold back tears (lol 10 bucks they forget my name tomorrow)


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