March 12, 2018




Madison Oviatt

"White is the new orange" baptism jumpsuits :)

What's up!!! So basically this week has consisted of saying goodbyes, hellos, being two inches away from getting nailed in the head by icicles during a door approach, and trying to adjust. Aha ok so I'm basically in Heaven cause there are soooo many houses to tract here!!! I'm in Fayetteville and our area also covers a town called Manlius and it is so cute and SO different from Hoosick Falls aha. I miss it tons, but wooah I had no idea how few houses there were till I came here. And I can actually like, walk around in our apt. My new comp is Sister Oviatt :) she has been out for 3 months and just finished being trained. She is so awesome and I'm stoked to hit it hard. We have lots to do!

I finally got to see that baptisms actually happen ahaha. I came here Wednesday and we had to frantically figure out details for Rosanne's baptism on Saturday since we had to move the time and stuff. She has a fear of drowning and so when she came up the first thing she said was "I thought I was going to die!". Lol people were like "well you sort of did". I heart Gospel puns.

I'm like super out of it since moving and going from having my area memorized and knowing everyone to "I feel like a greenie again" so hopefully that'll wear off cause my brain is basically mush aha. The ward is super awesome and help us out so much with teaching and fellowshipping. I just love church and being a Mormon aha. Mosiah 23: 21 and 22 stood out to me this week. The Gospel is so simple and comprehensive and the Book of Mormon has such a beautiful way of summing things up in a couple verses. Simple truths save lives I'm tellin ya. The Holy Ghost testifies of simple truths, general conference is full of simple truths, and Jesus Christ taught simple truths. I'm gonna go with the assumption that we should pay more attention to the sort of overlooked simple doctrine. Sometimes I just want to have my mind blown aha, but man have I come to appreciate the solid truth.

a few goodbye pictures :'(
Rosanne's baptism!!!!!!

Ps my new address is 200 Spring st apt #20 Fayetteville, NY ya'll should hit that up cause mail is gold.


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