March 19, 2018




Madison Oviatt


Hey guys! So the subject line is from a less active we teach who calls himself "Noah like the ark" and gave me the nick name "terminator" after the first time I met with him. Now you all know my teaching style ahaha ;).

Um so Mom, skip this paragraph but Sister O and I were driving to go tract a street and she said she didn't feel like that is where we were supposed to be so I suggest another street and we turn around and as I go to pull of the side to park she finishes this story about how her last comp accidentally put their car in a ditch cause there is so much snow you can't tell what isn't solid ground. Literally .2 seconds after she finishes that story I pull of and the ground dissolves and we are at a 45 degree angle in someone's yard ahahh. It was snowing and anytime I feel awkward or distressed I just start laughing. Don't ask why I just do. So Sister Oviatt gets out of the car and is in snow up to her waist (we get the most snow in the U.S. apparently cause #lakeaffect I love it wow.) and I'm laughing and she just starts saying "I hate you I hate you" ahah which makes me laugh harder. Tender mercy though, this guys in a truck immediately stops to help but didn't have a rope and 2 seconds later another guy stops who has one and they try to pull us out. They didn't have coats on and were out in the cold trying everything. I gave out a couple pamphlets aha. Good times. We ended up having to call a tow truck, but it was just a faith builder that God looks out for us. And that there's still a lot of good in the world. Good job for picking that road to tract Sister Wright. Killin it.

This week has consisted of lots of tracting. We play soccer with ice and find the biggest icicles on doorsteps aha. Gotta do what you gotta do. One time I almost got hit with icicles again and I awkwardly dodged it but Sister O ended up having to catch me so we just stood there laughing in an uncomfortable hug AFTER we had knocked. Grateful they didn't open the door for once aha.

1. Wassup to my greenie Sister Marshall at Zone Conf :)
3 and 4. It wasn't even my fault this time


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