April 2, 2018




Madison Oviatt

I can have faith in Christ, but not in NY spring

Hey guys! Ohhhh my gosh general conference man. Soooo goood!!! Standing and raising my hand to sustain our new Prophet, President Nelson in the solemn assembly left me in tears and a feeling of hope accompanied that Spirit. I know he is the Prophet of God on the Earth at this time. What a powerful conference. I lost it when they announced the new temples too. Sometimes I get so much anxiety over other people becoming and staying a Mormon that I forget I am one aha and I am so happy to be one!!!

This week was insaannee. Not really but it kind of was cause we found a few more people to teach and prayer works and a man named Dave who has been coming to church for about a year now but has never been baptized came to all 4 sessions of general conf. and he was so stoked for the Prophet to talk it was awesome. He is on date to be baptized this month, if he can receive personal revelation that this is God's true church. And what does President Nelson talk about?? Personal revelation. Mic drop of the Spirit.

We call him "dry Mormon Dave" and it cracks him up.

I just love talking to people. People are so good and just hilarious. We talked to a Muslim couple straight outta Egypt and they tried to convert us but told us how much they respected us. And fed us grapes. Score. Another lady told us she wasn't interested in converting but said, "Mormon's are known for two things: a kick a** choir and polygamy". This is why I knock.

Ok but the real reason I knock is for moments like I experienced the other day. A sweet older woman let us in (weird I know right?) and we taught her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and read part of 3 Nephi 17. You guys, I have waited my whole mission to feel the tangible Spirit I felt as I quoted Joseph Smith in the then, just a grove of trees. I know that really happened. I believe that really happened. And all the ridiculous looks in the world is worth it for the one who hears it and says, "Wow. That's beautiful". And I felt the Spirit again as we read about the Savior in America, blessing and praying for the people. What hit me in conference is the idea that through Christ we can be made alive. Yes, physically after we die. But also while we are still living! He can make monotonous miraculous! He can save us Spiritually too. That part is up to us though. I love you all.

He lives.

1. Exchange in Syracuse on our way through the graveyard to the church since their toliet broke right as we got there. Classic. *Sister Training Leaders open the door with wet hands from the toilet overflowing* Sister Wright dies inside.
2. Mission grandma (trainer of my trainer)
3. Sketchy souuuth siiideeee
4. NY's next season isn't spring it's mud.


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