March 20, 2018


North Carolina Charlotte Mission


sister snow


My dad sent me this article and it was talking about Nephi's journey through the wilderness, and how it takes more than a good attitude to overcome trials. We need to trust in the Lord and we need to focus more on our relationship with him.
" We are placed on a wilderness journey because the Lord is doing his work on us, because always the purpose of such a journey is to transform the travellers, burn out their impurities, strip them of the world, clarify their thinking, and sharpen their devotion that they may be candidates to dwell in the promised land. The wilderness journey is the Lord’s kindness to us, to make us fit for His kingdom."

This week we were able to do alot of service. We are volunteers at the old folkes home here in Greensboro. We are going to try and focus on people who don't get many visitors. We are also volunteering at this place called Habitat. Which is basically like DI. We organize furniture and books and things like that. I absolutely LOVE doing service. When you serve others, you truly are serving God.

This week I got to go on exchanges with the sister trainer leaders! I got to be companions with sister scholes who is the BEST! She showed me how to love missionary work and how to have fun while doing it. Funny story: we ate at a members house and she fed us French bread with butter. She started spreading the butter on the bread and by the time she was done she used 1 stick of butter for 3 slices of bread! People sure do love their butter here. Please pray that I don't get fat.

We were able to go to the mall and just talk to everyone we met! Most people here love talking about jesus, so that makes our job a little easier. A memeber came up to us and gave us $20 for lunch which was so nice. We harldy see or notice members. We still get so many weird looks but I'm so used to that by now. I love when people look at me funny when I have to stand behind the car while sister snow backs out. I'm still not used to that haha.

A few weeks ago her husband got baptized, and last week he was able to receive the priesthood. He was able to baptize his wife. Watching Mathy walk into the water and seeing her smile and look so pure is something I will never forget. As I watched her go under the water I felt the spirit the strongest I have ever felt before. I know without a doubt God loves each of his children, and is so proud of them. I love this gospel so much. The peace and happiness I feel from it, doesn't compare to anything else. GOD LOVES YOU!!! please never forget that.

On Sunday I had the "privilege" of speaking in sacrament. I spoke on the love of the savior. Which was ironic considering the fact that this whole week I had experiences where i felt the saviors love so strongly. God understands your sufferings because he has experienced it. With this understanding he knows how to help you. He may not relieve all of your suffering now, but he will bless you with comfort, understanding, and strength to bear up your burdens with ease as long as we do our part and turn to him.

As a missionary I have learned that I need to depend on the savior for everything. I can't do this alone, and I don't want to. If we involve him in every aspect of our lives he will give us strength. I have seen that so much in the last month. Heavenly Father loves you so much and is waiting for you with open arms, we just need to grab hold and continue with faith. Have a great week, I love you all!!

Picture 1: me and my sister training leader drinking the best frozen hot chocolate
2: mathys baptism
3: there is only ONE WAY to have true happiness and that's by living the gospel.


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