February 21, 2017


Castelo Branco, Brazil


Sister Menezes

Week 33


Wow this week has flown by!!

So last Monday we had a p-day with our zone and president and it was super fun! One elder climbed on a basketball hoop to try and get a ball that was stuck on a tree and as he was doing it it totally collapsed and came crashing down! Thankfully he survived though.

So this week we have been working with a few people and have been trying to find new people to teach. One man we are working with, his name is Albaro. We found him at the bus stop, he has a little snack cart and is always
working so we always pass by and teach him. His brother is a member and he is interested to know more about the church. Yesterday he wasn't able to come to church because he had family in town but we are praying he will be
at church this week!

Our biggest difficulty is that our area is SO BIG! Our area has a big college too so there are LOTS of university students. This week we are going to be working in some different areas to try and find the people waiting to hear the gospel!

So this Sunday was my companions birthday!! She turned 21! We made a surprise party for her and she loved it! She also told us it was her first time having a real birthday party with cake! Haha, i was shocked, but was so happy we were able to make her birthday special!

This past week i have been studying about the life of Gordon B. Hinckley. I sure love him! He is so optimistic and is an example for all. Things that i learned from him "Be happy, don't give up, all will work out" If we trust in
the Lords plan and the Lords timing, we wont have to worry about tomorrow.

One thing i have learned also is that we can be so hard on ourselves. Sometimes we treat ourselves in a way that we would never treat another person. We need to be kind to others but we also need to be kind to ourselves. We aren't perfect, and the Lord knows that. He just wants us to
try our hardest and put our trust in Him.

I love you all, i know the Gospel is true and that all will work out in the end if we put our trust in God and obey his commandments!

Have a great week!!

Com amor, Sister Murphy


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