November 13, 2018


Honoka'a (Sister Tychingco)


Jomelene Tychingco

Clean Toilets & Jet Lag

My week was about as crazy & confusing as my subject line
I knew it would probably be that way when on Tuesday afternoon we had the following conversation with someone:
Man: So, I have a question for you both. None of the religious people who've knocked on my door have ever been able to answer it...
Us: *gets very excited, also a little nervous..* sure! what is it?
Man: Did Adam and Eve have a belly button...?
Us: ..... uh.... yes? no? I don't know? I think so?
Man: *laughs* nah I'm just messing with you
Little did I know that's how the whole week would be.
I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but every Thursday morning we volunteer at the Salvation Army thrift store. Its been neat to help the community, partner with another church, and get exposure of who we are and what we do etc.
I've been asked to do a lot of things for service on the mission, but this week at Salvation Army they asked us to make clothes so the donated Barbies wouldn't be naked.. it was by far the funniest and most random thing I've ever been asked to do.
The next day we got to go to the Kona Hawaii temple & help clean it. There is always a strong Spirit in the house of the Lord- even when you are scrubbing the toilets. :)
The week came to a close with a trip to the main island of Oahu for a mission leadership meeting. It was nice to be back on the island I spent a majority of my mission on & see a bunch of my old friends.
My favorite thing I took out of that meeting was when our mission President's wife quoted Yoda:
Do or do not, there is no try.
It was hilarious. I love my mission. And I love all of you! I will be emailing on Tuesday again next week.
Some of my good friends Sister Wootton & Sister Thurgood
My Barbies 😂


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