February 26, 2018


Waimanalo (Sister Talbot)


Kristin Talbot


Yes, those words actually came out of my mouth... Much to my shock! I actually want a bike so bad. President Bekker just doesn't want to grant my wish though. I am switching to an area that previously had elders, and they are coming to our area. But they are keeping their bikes and we are keeping our car. Sad day.
I will now be serving in Keolu ward in Kailua which is like 5 minutes away from Waimanalo. The ward is a lot of people from the mainland, so basically the polar opposite of Waimanalo which is all Hawaiian homestead.
I'm also getting a new companion. Sister Downs from Temecula CA. I used to live with her when I served in Pearl City, and she also knows my old roommate from BYU-Idaho. They went to high school together. Small world huh!
This week came and went so fast! We had a lot of lessons and met some great people. I was finally getting adjusted to Waimanalo and now I'm leaving. I'm pretty sad but I am yet again being taught an important lesson: there is no growth in the comfort zone and there is no comfort in the growth zone.
I hope you all had a great week. I heard it snowed (sort of) in Kingman... crazy! If it makes you feel better, I've been having to wear a cardigan too. 70 degree weather with partly cloudy skies is surprisingly very chilly.
A scripture that I love from this week is found in the Book of Mormon:
3 Nephi 13:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you."
Sometimes we are asked to make sacrifices. I can hardly call this time I am spending here as a missionary a sacrifice. I am receiving so many blessings, as is my family. I know that when we choose to serve God first, everything else will fall into place.
I love you all so much! Next week I will be emailing on Tuesday again.
1. Our ward mission leader's granddaughter with her cute missionary tag my mom made. It says "Sister Lehua I will teach of Jesus Christ when I serve a Mission" My mom is the best!
2&3. District hike this morning to Makapu lighthouse. It was so windy!
4. My new companion: Sister Downs :)


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