October 31, 2017




Sister Cottle

"They are just knuckleheads!" -- President Brennan

WELL! I came back to 45 emails! Bless you all for entertaining me! ANYWAY! I have survived Dewitt for a whole 12 days! Go me! Let's take a look back at the week shall we? I am just sharing the most important parts for now..

Tuesday: It was a rouuugghhh day folks. It's so windy here that it is absolutely pointless to use an umbrella. So, because of that, we were finding in the pouring rain, meeting absolutely no one to talk to and I was getting really discouraged based on other things as well. We walked around for awhile until we finally were starting to give up. We said a prayer for guidance as to where we needed to be. The thought came about an hour later that we should go see a recent convert named Pam. Bless that woman, seriously guys. She brightened our day so much. She was an answer to our prayers for sure and after that, the day went pretty well. Today was also the first time I got a door slammed in my face! It's actually kind of funny when it happens...

Wednesday: District Meeting numero uno! We talked about finding and planned for our investigator and how to help her. We found a man named Joseph out walking his dog. He told us about his life and how it is kind of on a low note right now. He plays drums and is looking for a church that he fits in and the people are there for Christ. How perfect is that!? We also had Book of Mormon class which is every Wednesday night. It was so cool to really dive into the scriptures especially with converts! Being from Murrieta, you don't meet a whole lot of those and our teeny branch is full of them!

Thursday: We get to do service on Thursdays so we went to the New Life Assisted living and played Bingo! So fun to see all those old ladies faces light up when they have a bingo! After that, we did service at the library by sorting books. It's better than it seems! I don't know if I told you about Cody and his family but we got to a lesson with them! They aren't very interested but one part I love about missionary works is hearing how other people follow Christ. They may not join the church right now but the time will come.

Friday: We had trade offs with the STL's! So so so so fun! Sister Knight is fabulous and our day was just so good. We met so many cool people and got to have a lesson with Joseph! He is super shy but wants to better follow Christ. He said he'd read the Book of Mormon and guess what? We put him on baptismal date for Nov 25! YAY! He had been praying for direction in his life and then saw Sister Cottle and I! WOAH. We also met an old man named Ken. He was the cutest little old guy. We talked with him for a really long time about his life and the gospel. Funny thing is, he heard Sister Knight coughing and offered her these weird German coughdrops. They smell weird, they taste weir but he swears by them! Also, he felt the need to let us know, "I'm not dealing drugs, I promise."

Saturday: Weekly Planning......moving on. It takes eons and is kinda boring, not gonna lie. The day was a normal day and then we had our branch chili cook off! It was super fun to meet the branch in a less formal setting. We got to decorate our trunk and a woman in the ward donated candy so the Elders and us could pass out candy! So sweet of her!

Sunday: Church is always good. Always. We talked a lot about being do-ers of the word. (James 1:22-25 if you want it) It was a pretty normal day. We asked our Branch President if we could go see anyone in particular and he gave us some names to go uplift.

Monday: ZONE CONFERENCE! My entire email could be about how amazing it was but I will just give some highlights. First, seeing some familiar faces was amazing (@Sister Clark and Sister King). We had training by our AP's about finding by the spirit, lunch and then training by President Brennan. He gave us 4 challenges to work on. One of them is reading the entire Book of Mormon as a mission by December 21. I am really excited for that challenge! To explain the subject line, while talking about how true the gospel is, President says, "The gospel is true! They are just knuckleheads! Don't let them shake your faith!" It was such a good meeting and I wish I could have had all of you with me to hear it! We were so pumped about being missionaries after that meeting that the next thing wasn't as painful. Joseph texted us saying "I don't want to be baptized or have any more lessons with you". He was much kinder than that but that is the jist of it. I know that there are people here waiting to hear the gospel and we just have to find them. All in good time folks, all in good time!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Don't give up on your endeavors, rely on the Savior and don't let anyone discourage you this week because they are just knuckleheads! ​


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