April 15, 2020


Blacksburg, VA


Elder Buchard


Hey fam!
Another week done and gone!
Not much going on this week. Still stuck inside not able to do to much, but I'd say it's been an alright week! Kinda like the previous two or three weeks! We have been trying to call and set up time to visit people. Lots of texting as well. We were fortunate enough to get in contact with some people that we have been asked to reach out too. I mentioned this family a few weeks ago, they are a part member family. Anyways we were able to contact them and set up a time this week to visit them. Our inactive friend Karen is doing good. She is super busy at her grocery store job, but luckily we were able squeeze an Easter message into her schedule.
Sadly it has been real rainy here this past getting out for a bit hasn't been the easiest or the most enjoyable! It was wild! We had like a mini hurricane pass through Blacksburg...knocked down multiple trees and stuff. We attempted to play frisbee in it for fun but almost ended up yeeting it through our neighbors window. Good times. The park we go chill at for exercise was closed down so that was a real bummer, but we get it! We also found out that members are no longer able to drop off food....good thing Elder Brian is an instant pot master! About to find out how many different ways you can cook and prepare chicken!!
We had my last and final zone Conference this week over the phone! It was great and was very needed. The whole time we talked about Enduring to the End! Talked alot on how we can push through our trials and rely on the Lord to help us get through.
President Newman gave an interesting analogy about the local sea turtles living by his home in Florida. He showed us pictures of 3 different turtle nests on the beach. One of them was found not far from the sea. Due to the high tide the turtle immediately placed its nest in a dangerous spot where it could be reached by the waves. The second one was found up higher on the beach where it was dry and seemed to be out of harm's way. The last one was clear up on the sand dooms. Going clear out of their way to ensure that the nests would safe...but almost seemed a little bit too extreme. Little did the turtles know that a hurricane would be coming later that summer and cause havoc. He then told us that the only surviving turtle nests were those who "endured to the end" or the ones who went the extra bit of distance to assure their safety. He then related it to what's interesting is the turtles who built their nests in the dry sand did nothing wrong? The sand was dry and would of been a perfect place for them.. at least most of the time. We must be prepared when unplanned events come into our lives, to make sure we endure to the end!
Another cool thing was on Sunday! Our ward did an Easter devotional on Zoom! It was cool to hear from our leaders and see our ward family. Right after Burchard and I were able to do the sacrament in our little run down apartment and have a mini lesson. Whether its a little clear container or a red solo cup...the sacrament makes my week so much better.
Love to you all!!
Elder Hunts Brian


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